Packaging is the container and auxiliary for wrapping and protecting products in daily life.

From factory to consumers hand, the products can’t separate from the packaging during storage, transportation, and sales.

The basic functions of commodity packaging have:

  1. Protecting the product. The product needs to go through a series of processes from the factory to the consumer’s hand, such as storage, transportation, and sale on the shelf. During this period, the products need various packaging protection from damage. Especially some fragile products, such as some cosmetic skincare bottles.
  2. Easy circulating. Most products have irregular shapes, so not easy to stack, store, and transport. When packing the products into fittable packaging, it can stack and store the products in batches, much more easily to transport. It is also convenient for consumers to take home and use.
  3. Increasing the added value of goods and promoting sales. Good packaging can decorate the products and beautify the product. It greatly improves the added value of the product and increases the price of the product. Premium products elevate the class with luxurious packaging that makes a difference.
  4. Introducing and explaining how to use the product and its functions.
    It can print various instructions, product function information on the packaging box. It can help consumers better understand the product and correctly grasp the product use method.

According to the raw materials, commodity packaging mainly as paper packaging, plastic packaging, glass packaging, metal packaging .etc.

paperboard foldable storage chocolate box macaron gift boxes

Packaging Design

Product packaging is the most direct advertisement of a product. It directly attracts the attention of consumers and affects their desire to buy. Well-designed packaging is an important means for companies to create profits. What is the importance in packaging designing for business growth? It can help products stand out from many competing products when its packaging is accurately positioned and meets the psychological needs of consumers. Nice packaging can enhance the corporate brand value.

Excellent packaging design is not only designed beautifully to increase the added value of packaging but also takes into account the economy of mass production. Packaging structure not only needs to perfectly package the product and protect the product but also need easy to mass-producing by the packaging factory. A package that is luxurious in appearance and whose production cost does not exceed the price range is a good package for practical use. Interesting packaging design train of thought.

Packaging design includes:

  1. Packaging structure design. The packaging must first protect the product well and facilitate storage and transportation),
  2. Packaging appearance design. Exquisite appearance can attract consumers’ attention and promote sales).
  3. Hangtags, labels, and other accessories design. Sometimes it’s the necessary way to improve product level.

From the content point of view, the packaging design mainly includes food packaging design, cosmetic packaging design, wine packaging design, cigarette packaging design, medicine packaging design, health care product packaging design, daily necessities packaging design, jewelry packaging design Design, electronic product packaging design, fast-moving consumer goods packaging design and brand image packaging design services.

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Product Packaging Features and Trends

  1. Adapt to the needs of various circulation conditions
    To ensure the safety of commodities in the process of circulation, commodity packaging should have a certain strength, solid, firm, and durable. For different transportation methods, it needs select fittable packaging containers and technical processing. In short, the entire package should be adapted to the storage and transportation conditions and strength requirements in the circulation field. The development trend of contemporary brand cosmetics box packaging.
  2. Adapt to product characteristics
    Commodity packaging must use corresponding materials and technologies according to the characteristics of the commodity. So that the packaging fully meets the requirements of the physical and chemical properties of the commodity.
  3. Serialization and Generalization
    Commodity packaging needs to be standardized. Unify the packaging capacity (weight), packaging materials, structural modeling, specifications and dimensions, printing marks, terminology, packaging methods, etc., and gradually form serialization and generalization. Packaging serialization and generalization are conducive to the production of packaging containers and improve the efficiency of packaging production. At the same time, it simplifies the specification of packaging containers, saves raw materials, reduces costs. And makes it easy to identify and measure, which is conducive to ensuring packaging quality and commodity safety. Serialization packaging design is the development trend at the commercial age.
  4. The proportion of packaging costs should not be too high
    The packaging cost should match the product value and should not be over-packaged. For example, the size of the packaging container should match the size of the product. It is not suitable to use huge packing boxes for small products. If the packaging size is too large and the proportion of packaging cost in the total value of products is too high, it will increase the commodity price. So will reduce the competitiveness of products and is not conducive to product sales.
  5. Commodity packaging is green and environmentally friendly
    Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the sustainable development of green environmental protection. Green commodity packaging will occupy an increasingly large market. So using sustainable & degradable packaging will become mainstream in the future.

Paper packaging

Paper packaging refers to commodity packaging made of paper or cardboard. It includes paper gift boxes, cardboard tubes, paper bags, corrugated boxes. The way to start a good paper packaging business.

Now there are four main packaging materials: paper, plastic, metal, glass. What is the best packaging material? Among them, paper materials and plastic materials are relatively cheap and widely sourced. Paper and plastic are not as brittle as glass, nor as heavy as metal. Therefore, paper and plastic packaging have more widely applications. However, plastics are not easy to degrade after being discarded. It will cause white pollution and are not friendly to the environment. As a result, more and more governments have gradually reduced or even banned the use of plastic packaging boxes and plastic packaging bags.

Food Packaging Box Of Paper Will Replace Plastic Packaging.

Application prospects of environmentally friendly paper packaging boxes in the beauty industry.

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Brand companies play an important role in eco-friendly packaging

Paper packaging materials come from renewable resources. It can be recycled and is easily degraded after being discarded. So after paper products are used up, they can be recycled or used as plant fertilizer. Thereby reducing air pollution and purifying the environment. The quantitative evaluation results using LCA (LifeCycleAssmcnt, namely “ecological cycle assessment method”) technology show that compared with the other three types of packaging materials such as plastic, metal, and glass, paper packaging is one of the most promising green packaging materials. At present, paper tube packaging, paper gift box, cardboard mailer box, paper shopping bags, have become an important part of the modern packaging industry. Paper packaging is widely used in transportation packaging and food packaging, cosmetic packaging box (Choosing cosmetic packaging boxes manufacturers and customizing tips).

Paper packaging production process

Using suitable packaging is an important way to increase the added value of products and enhance their competitiveness of products. Usually, we always see a dazzling array of products packed in various exquisite paper boxes in supermarkets or online stores. Different paper packaging boxes have their own characteristics and usage. And different packaging materials will also have different printing processes. Before mass production, the paper packaging companies always make custom-colored box samples and ship them to clients for approval (Paper box sample-making tools introduction). Once the sample is approved, the packaging factory will go on mass production. It can divide the production process of packaging boxes into the following steps:

  1. Select paper material
    Generally, the round paper tube box is composed of cardboard tubes. According to different needs, it can be a brown kraft paper tube, white cardboard tube, or black cardboard tube. The surface of the paper jar packaging art paper or special paper. Art paper is perfect for four-color printing customers’ unique designs. While special paper jars use their own texture or color to decorate the paper jar to be more high-end. Special fancy paper is not very suitable for four-color printing but can do hot foil stamping with customer brand logos in different colors. The Rigid paper box uses a gray board as the main body. It uses art paper or special paper as the surface paper case. The case paper is generally 128g or 157g. When case paper is too thin, it is easy to curl when it passes through the glue machine. When too thick, it easily has a bubble when mounted on the surface of the gift box. And it is not easy to wrap on box case when too thick.
raw paper packaging material
  1. Printing
    Exquisite paper packaging boxes are inseparable from high-quality printing. Through printing, it can completely express the customer’s packaging design pattern on the packaging box. When the customer’s packaging box design is a simple single black design, it chooses to print by Heidelberg two-color printing machine. When it is a color design, it can choose printing on a four-color printing press. Sometimes a series of packaging boxes often use Pantone color to ensure the color stability and unity of the series of packaging boxes. Then it can choose five-color, six-color, or even eight-color printer. In the printing process, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference in printing color, avoid ink spots, lack of patterns, etc.
  2. Surface treatment
    The printed case paper generally needs to do some surface treatment to have better features. The surface treatment can decorate the packaging paper box to be more high-end. The most common surface handling has matte lamination, glossy lamination, spot UV, matte varnish, foiling, embossing/debossing, and so on. Introduction of 6 common Surface Treatment.
paper tube packaging surface finish types

Do surface treatment on the printed packaging box case paper has the following advantages:

  1. Protect the printing color. It prints the paper packaging case paper with ink. It is very easy to change color under the action of light and moisture in the air. Do lamination can protect the printing color.
  2. Waterproof. The packaging box paper has a certain degree of waterproof performance after doing lamination. It will not dissolve and break easily when it encounters a little water.
  3. Decorate the packaging box and improve the packaging quality. After surface treatment, such as bronzing/hot foil stamping brand logo, UV product main image, glitter company slogan, it can make the packaging box look more high-end, enhance the added value of packaging, and attract consumers’ attention.
  4. Die Cut.
    To make the paper box packaging, it needs to die cut the paper into various custom shapes. It needs to make a knife mold for diecuting. With the knife, it can press cut the case paper into the desired paper shape. The production of the knife mold should be determined according to the box template. And testing the knife mold by making a semi-sample before mass diecuting procedure. A good knife mold determines whether the appearance and shape of the color box are exquisite. Then use mechanical die cutting to form the basic style of the color box. Die-cutting is currently the most economical mass production method for paper forming.
  5. Mounting box.
    It needs to slot the greyboard if it is a square gift box or special-shaped box. Glue grayboard corner to shaping greyboard and then wrap glue box case paper. It needs paper core glue case if it is a round paper tube. Modern paper packaging production generally uses machine automatic glue cases.
  6. Forming paper packaging box.
    Square gift boxes or special-shaped boxes are generally formed by machine + manual assembling. Due to the special shape, the special-shaped box requires more manual work, and thus the cost is higher.
paper gift packaging box production

Crimping cylinder boxes are all machine-automatic crimping, assembling boxes, and forming. The proportion of flat-sided cylindrical boxes is now getting higher and higher in automated production.

For the production of paper boxes, the higher degree of automation, the lower the labor cost. Reducing labor production costs is a key factor in reducing production costs and the unit price of paper packaging boxes.

According to the state of paper packaging, the main classification of paper packaging: cylindrical paper tube packaging, square gift box packaging, corrugated box packaging, paper bags.

Cylinder paper tube packaging

Cylindrical paper box is a kind of paper packaging box with a circular shape. Divided into: food tube box (Types of round paper food containers, The way to make great food packaging-paper cans for food) , cosmetic tube packaging, round candle box, electronic product packaging tube, paper lip balm tubes, deodorant tubes (Procter & Gamble Launches Custom Paper Tubes for Parts Deodorants) clothing cylinders, tea cylinder packaging, paper wine cans, round flower boxes and so on. How to bespoke paper round box for my products?

According to the structure of paper tubes, it is divided into pure paper tubes and composite paper tubes.

Pure paper tubes are all made of paper materials, 100% recyclable materials, green and environmentally friendly.

cardboard tube packaging insert tray and cap style

The composite paper tube is mainly composed of a paper tube, adding other structures. So that the paper tube has better sealing performance and waterproof performance to meet different needs. For example, sealing the paper cylinder bottom with a metal bottom plate; sealing the paper cylinder top with sealed aluminum cap; covering the paper cylinder inside with aluminum liner .etc.

Advantages of paper tubes

  1. Paper tubes use paper as the main raw material, which can be recycled and easily degraded after being discarded.
  2. The paper jar has excellent protection performance. It can be waterproof and moisture-proof and has a certain thermal insulation effect.
  3. The cylindrical packaging box is odorless, non-toxic, safe, and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging.
  4. The paper round box can be filled with various shapes of goods, and the filling noise is small.
  5. The cylindrical paper box can be designed with various structural shapes. It can customize printing with different designs on the tube case, so have a good display effect.
  6. The paper can box is light in weight. Paper can box only about 30% weight as the iron can, so easy to circulate and use.
  7. The production cost of paper jars is low. Comparing with square paper mache boxes, round paper jars are less expensive.
  8. The production process of paper jar boxes is non-toxic, odorless. There is no wastewater, waste gas, or waste in paper tube production. It belongs to environmentally friendly production.

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Composite paper cans have broad application prospects

The application fields of composite paper cans are very wide. The composite paper tubes are widely applied for powder solid food. Such as cocoa powder, tea, sugar, salt, oatmeal, coffee, and various solid beverages. About 85% of citrus juice concentrates in the United States are packaged in composite paper tubes. More than 50% of soft drinks in Japan have been packaged in composite paper tubes with aluminum easy-open lids. In addition, composite paper jars are suitable for packaging candy, tea, alcohol, milk powder, snack food, dried fruit powder food, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, cosmetics, handicrafts, gifts, underwear, bras, sporting goods, calligraphy, and painting works, drawings and documents, etc.

food tube packaging with tearable top

Composite round paper box is a new generation of environmentally friendly packaging. It can replace packaging materials such as glass and ceramics. The composite paper tube is a new type of packaging box, not only environmentally friendly but also has low manufacturing cost. It integrates paper film and iron into one and is the best container for fried crispy food packaging. It has the advantages of superiority, safety, and hygiene, low cost, novelty, and fashion.

What’s the characteristics and application of Composite paper tubes?

Cylinder box packaging production

Paper cylinder box is a kind of packaging container with paper as raw material. It’s in line with the development trend of global green packaging. The production process of paper jars is very similar to the production process of general paper packaging boxes. How Does Packaging Factory Produce Round Paper Box? Including printing case paper; surface finish; die-cut case paper; roll paper tube (Winding paper tube process requirements in paper tubes production); paste case paper; paper can forming and assembly. Of course, the specific process flow should be increased according to the structural characteristics of the round paper box. Cylinder paper box introduce.

paperboard round hat flower box procedure

The most common paper tube forming and assembling process of pure paper jar is the crimping process at present. The crimping ends process is mainly completed by machines, which keeps low the production cost. The application range covers food paper jar packaging, toy paper cans, T-shirt packaging tube, cosmetic essential oil bottle paper box, and other packaging cans.

While the production process of flat ends round paper box is a little different. The round paper box with a flat top and bottom looks exquisite and beautiful. The cost of flat ends round paper boxes is relatively high because its production process is mainly done manually. It’s often used in the packaging of cosmetics, electronic products, and high-end gifts.

Gift paper box packaging

The gift paper box has an inner gray board configuration, with the outer case paper wraps. The paper gift packaging box promotes and beautifies the product with its exquisite shape and decoration. It improves the competitiveness of the product.

Papercraft gift boxes can design suitable packaging structures fit for different commodities’ shapes and characteristics. Packaging structure designers can skillfully use the body language of packaging boxes to express the characteristics of commodities and the beauty of the packaging. At the same time, he also needs to consider the production process. To design a paper packaging box structure suitable for low-cost mass production in packaging factories. Such as box case paper suitable for imposition printing; simplifying the die-cut shape, and the glue box forming is suitable for machine automation production as much as possible.

According to the structure classification, the most common gift boxes have lid and base box, paper drawer box, magnet flip box, foldable paper box, etc.

Lid and base box

The lid and base box are also called the lid and bottom box. It’s the most widely used box due to its simple structure and cheap price. The lid and the base box have a firm structure, easy to open and close. It can well protect the product when used with the inner support of the package.

Paper gift box with lid is further divided into 2 pieces box / a full cover lid box and 3 pieces box/middle separate lid and base box.

The lid and bottom box is easy to mass-produce, with only the top and bottom parts. It’s very suitable for mass production by machine. The production manual cost is very low, so has a price advantage.

Compared with the 2 pieces lid and base box, the 3 pieces box has an inner wall in the middle (some paper box factories directly use an additional inner bottom box to create a layered structure). Therefore, the price of the 3 pieces box is higher than the 2 piece box. The appearance of the 3 piece box with the inner wall strip is very good-looking and has a sense of hierarchy.

Paper drawer box

Paper drawer box also called paper sleeve box, pull out box, slide open box. The drawer paper box consists of a tubular cardboard outer box and an inner cardboard bottom box. Generally, it will add a ribbon to the inner box to facilitate pulling the inner box. The square box with lid can give people a sense of intuition, while the drawer box can give people a sense of mystery. The drawer box gives people an eagerness to pull out and explore the “treasure” inside. The drawer box is perfect for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging, and electronics packaging.

Drawer paper box is firm, convenient, and practical. It can increase the value of the product by doing decoration on the outer sleeve box. Such as adding hot foil stamping, UV, embossing / debossing, glittering .etc. It can highlight the brand information but also highlight the unique texture of the box. The product is instantly given its own unique high-end style due to the packaging.

Paper magnet box

An outer case paper and an inner box compose magnetic gift box. The case board surrounds the inner box. The bottom and the back of the inner box are bonded to the out case board. People can open and close the gift boxes with magnetic lids conveniently by its simple magnet structure.

The magnet packaging box has a great display effect. Opening the box and looking at the products inside gives the feeling of opening a treasure chest. Paper packaging companies make the inner box of the flip box with cardboard. Also, it can add some EVA insert, blister insert, foam with a satin cloth insert, etc to enhance protection & decoration of products inside. Flip Open Magnetic Paper Box Handwork Gluing Procedure.

Flip Open Magnetic Paper Box Handwork Gluing Procedure. Magnetic gift paper box is good for display in sales, beautify publicity, increase social value, attract customers, improve competitiveness and facilitate consumers to subscribe.

Paper foldable box

Paper foldable box also called paper collapsible box. As its name, the most important feature is that it can foldable.
When the foldable box stands up, it’s just a flip magnet box. It is an improved structure based on the magnet box. People can fold the box into a flat shape. This structure can greatly save storage space. Comparing with the same size magnet box, the packing volume of the foldable gift box reduce by 70%~90%. This can greatly save storage and transportation costs.

The production of foldable magnetic gift boxes requires a lot of manual work. Comparing with ordinary magnet boxes, the unit price of folding boxes is generally 30%~50% higher.

Foldable cardboard box has a straight fold box and a side fold box. The production of a straight fold box is relatively simple, so more widely used.

When the height of the box exceeds 1/2 of the width of the box, the sides of the straight fold box will collide when folded flat. Then you can choose side fold box structure.

In order to better fix and protect different shapes of products in the gift box, the paper gift box company will add an insert tray into the box. It can make the insert tray with customized different materials and shapes. Such as sponge insert tray, EVA inserts tray, blister insert tray, card paper insert tray, and so on. It is a knowledge to choose the appropriate insert tray for different products. You can consult a packaging structure designer with rich experience in the packaging box factory.

Corrugated box

A corrugated packaging box is made of corrugated cardboard, case paper. By adhesive, drying, cutting, printing, surface handing, die-cut/score, folding or joint stuck, and other processes, it can make the cardboard sheet into the box. People use corrugated cardboard boxes widely for products in electronics, food, beverages, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, medicine, health products, cosmetics, small household appliances, clothing, toys, sporting goods, and other industries. With the development of online e-commerce, the application of corrugated boxes is becoming more and more extensive.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used for the following reasons:

  1. Corrugated boxes are cheap.
    It forms the entire corrugated box with a single piece of cardboard. By printing, surface treatment, die-cutting, and folding stand to the box. It greatly reduces the production cost and the unit price of a single box.
  2. The structure of the corrugated box is firm, its protection function is good. Corrugated cardboard boxes are often folded to physically solid shapes. There is a corrugated paper layer in the middle of the corrugated cardboard. It makes the cardboard box have good shock absorption and anti-collision performance. This makes corrugated boxes widely used in the express outer packaging. Some shock-sensitive electronic products are also preferred choose corrugated cardboard packaging.
  1. It can do various printing surface treatments to decorate the corrugated box.
    Like general paper packaging, corrugated boxes also accept full custom printing. Packaging designers can design exquisite corrugated box packaging by various surface handling. Such as golden foil brand logo, UV varnish product pictures, glitter patterns, etc. This makes the corrugated box suitable not only as a courier box but also as a high-end packaging for some products.

Materials for corrugated box cardboard packaging
Case paper

Packaging engineers choose or suggest case paper according to the packaging structure, size and strength needed. Most usual options:

  1. CCNB: CCNB paper has one white side and one grey side. The price of CCNB is lower than white art paper. Usually, choose 250gsm CCNB ~ 450gsm CCNB for the corrugated box cases.
  2. Coated paper: generally 250gsm ~ 400gsm C1S white paper card. White paper card is strong and white enough for printing.

Corrugated cardboard paper
There are K, A, B, C, D, E, F, G corrugated cardboard, And A, B, C, E, F are most used.
Each flute type has a compression ratio coefficient. The core paper ply is shortened in the length direction after being corrugated. The shortening ratio becomes the compression ratio coefficient. For example: A flute/1.59, B flute/1.36, C flute/1.50,E flute/1.27.

Corrugated cardboard structure:

There are single-wall corrugated cardboard, double-wall corrugated cardboard, three-wall corrugated cardboard, etc. The single wall & double wall are the most used cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard box production process

In the production of corrugated boxes, usually, choose low gram weight paper as the core paper. And choosing high gram weight paper as the surface case paper or lining paper. The main trend of the development of corrugated cardboard box packaging is high strength and lightweight. The production of corrugated boxes is similar to the production process of general gift paper boxes. Including the following steps:

  1. Packaging Design
    This step needs coordination between the customer and the packaging salesperson/packaging designer. First, the customer and the paper packaging company, or their own internal designers, design the packaging and printing files according to their own requirements. And completing the selection of packaging materials at the same time. After determining the type and size of the custom corrugated boxes, the packaging engineer of the packaging factory can draw the box template/box mock-up. The customer packaging designer designs the corrugated mailing boxes template.
shoe storage box
  1. Printing
    According to the size of the custom corrugated boxes printing design, you can choose a folio printer or a standard-size printer. If it is a monochrome or vector printing design, you can choose ink printing which price is cheaper.
  2. Surface treatment
    Mainly to beautify the box surface, there are lamination, hot foil stamping, UV varnish, machine varnish, and so on.
  3. Mounted cardboard
    Machine pasting the case paper with the corrugated paper core.
  4. Making knife molds and die cut
    It determines the production of the knife molds according to the template and the printed semi-finished product. A good diecut knife mold determines the appearance and shape of the color box. Press the knife to die onto the corrugated cardboard through the machine to form a corrugated paper box shape.
  5. Sticking box
    It needs to do glue procedure for some corrugated cardboard boxes on the fixed connection parts.

Paper bag

People use paper bags a lot in daily life, such as paper clothing bags, paper shopping bags, gift bags, etc. Paper bags are light in weight, easy to carry, and convenient for people to travel. The most important thing is that the paper bag is natural and environmentally friendly, easy to degrade. It belongs to green packaging. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection. Many governments have issued policies to restrict the use of plastic bags, and instead advocated businesses to provide environmentally friendly paper bags for consumers to use. The gradual use of paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags is a trend.

There are many types of paper materials and styles of paper bags. According to the material, including white card paper bag, art paper card bag, kraft paper bag, fancy paper bag, etc.

White card paper bags: It’s the most popular type of custom paper bag. The white card is firm, with high stiffness and good smoothness. White card stock is great for color printing. It can greatly improve the firmness of the paper bag by applying a matte film/lamination or a glossy film/lamination on the surface of the white card. And this ensures the paper bag has a certain degree of waterproofness. Usually, choose 210gsm ~ 300gsm white card paper to make paper bags. The paper bag will be weak if the paper is too thin. And the paper bag will be easy to show wrinkles on the fold edge if the paper is too thick.

Coated paper bag: There is a layer of coating on the surface of the coated paper. So its surface is very smooth, very suitable for offset printing. Usually, the paper bag factories choose 210gsm~350gsm coated paper to make the paper bag.

It seems that the coated paper bag is very similar to the white card paper bag, but have difference as:

  1. The white card is generally fit for only printing on one side, but both sides of coated paper fit for CMYK full-color printing. Therefore, if the inside and outside of the paper bag need color printing, you can choose the coated paper bag.
  2. Because the stiffness of the coated paper is not as good as that of the white card paper, the coated paper bag of the same weight will look softer than the white card bag (not as tough as the white card bag).
  3. If you compare a piece of white card paper with a piece of coated paper, you can find that the color of the white card is beige, not as white as the coated paper. Therefore, the coated paper bag is more white than the white card paper bag. If the paper bag design requires a white background, you can choose a coated paper bag.

White kraft paper bag: Compared with white card paper or coated paper, white kraft paper has better toughness. Based on the same paper gram weight, white kraft paper packaging bags are stronger and more durable than white card paper bags and coated paper shopping bags. White kraft paper bags are all white and are suitable for color printing of various designs. But white kraft paper is not suitable for printing designs with too much ink level. Usually, choose 120gsm~200gsm white kraft paper for the kraft gift paper bag.

Kraft paper bags: Brown kraft paper has an original brownish yellow color. Brown kraft paper has strong toughness and can withstand large tensile forces. Usually choosing 120gsm~200gsm brown kraft paper for paper kraft bags. Kraft paper bags are widely used in various shopping bags, coffee bags, and so on. Due to the natural color of brownish yellow, the color of the printing ink printed on the brown kraft paper will be different from the natural color of the ink. Therefore, brown kraft paper is not suitable for full-color printing. It prints kraft paper bags with simple patterns such as monochrome or two-color.

Dust grey paper bag: The front side of the CCNB / dust grey paper is coated, white and smooth, but its back is grey. Generally, choose 250gsm~350gsm CCNB for paper bag packaging. It can print the outer surface of the CCNB paper bag in full colors. While the inner surface of the paper bag is gray. CCNB paper bags are cheaper than white cards or coated paper bags. It is suitable for price-sensitive packaging paper bag requirements.

Black paper bag: Generally, choosing 150gsm~350gsm black special paper to make a black shopping paper bag. Because the black special paper is completely black, the black paper gift bag is pure black and will not have white edges. Because the black paper bag is pure black inside and outside, it cannot print colorful patterns. But you can use hot stamping or hot silver process to hot stamp the brand logo, and the article to the black gift bag. People always use black card bags as high-end clothing paper bags and high-end gift paper bags.

paper gift bags with handles
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