Nowadays, there are not a few products packaged in cardboard cylinder boxes. In our daily life, we often find food cardboard tube boxes. Can you imagine what it’s like to pack lipstick in cylindrical paper tubes? What kind of sparks will the lipstick and the cylinder paper collide with? Let’s enjoy it-paper lip balm tubes!

twist up style tube matte lipstick packaging
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Seeing the picture, is it amazing? The lipstick packaged in paper tube also looks so beautiful, and it makes people move. Is there an urge to take it home? The lipstick tube packaging above is a relatively common one. There is no excessive printing process, simple and not lacking in personality.

In recent years, as global environmental pollution continues to increase, various countries are also actively restricting the use of plastic products and advocating the use of green packaging. As a green packaging, the cardboard tubes produced by Major Custom have become a new choice in the packaging industry. The birth of round paper tube packaging has solved the packaging needs of more and more industries. Such as food, gifts, cosmetics, and electronic products. Realize a more green and environmentally friendly packaging form.

Two style of paper lip balm tubes: Rotating lipstick tube and push lipstick tube

Empty rotate up paper tubes for lipstick

Paper lipstick tubes mainly include rotating lipstick tubes and push lipstick tubes. Each has its own structure and use characteristics, you can choose the right lipstick tube according to your needs.

roll up eco lip balm tube box size

The rotating lipstick tube is the same as the usual plastic lipstick tube and aluminum lipstick tube, and the middle lipstick core will spiral up when rotating. There is a middle tube in the middle of the rotating lipstick tube, and the outer layer is a paper tube. You can choose different paper materials to produce kraft paper rotating lipstick tubes, white cardboard color lipstick tubes, etc. It can print the surface of the paper tube with your exclusive printing design. And the surface can do various surface treatments to decorate your paper tube. For example, bronzing logo, UV treatment on the printed surface pattern, etc., make the lipstick tube look more colorful.

It is worth mentioning that it needs to make a special mold to produce the middle beam tube in the rotating lipstick tube. So the size of twist-up paper lip balm tubes is fixed. The most commonly used rotating lipstick tube has an outer size of 21mm diameter x 70mm high, of which the cap height is 20mm. The lipstick core it can hold is generally 12.1mm in diameter. Our packaging engineer can first make a tube box template for you to design surface printing files.

Empty squeeze up paper tubes for lipstick, lip gloss or deodorant

The push lipstick tube also called squeeze lipstick tubes, is made of 100% paper material. Its structure is very simple, with a paper tube and a movable push up bottom plate. The cosmetic squeeze tubes have a wide range of materials, which can be kraft paper tubes, white cardboard tubes, or black paper tubes. There is a food-grade wax film or PP film on the inner wall of the straight tube. When filling molten lipstick cream, the lipstick cream will not stick to the paper tube.

You can customize push-up lipstick tubes of any size. So push tube can not only lipstick tube but also deodorant push tube can choose this style papertube when the size is enlarged. Such as 0.3oz lipstick tube, 0.5oz lipstick tube, 1oz lipstick tube, 1.5oz deodorant push tube, 2oz deodorant cream tube, 2.5oz1 deodorant cream tube, and so on. The regular size is shown in the lipstick tube size table below.

eco push up paperboard tube box size

Custom cosmetic tubes getting popular

Nowadays, it widely uses cardboard cosmetic tubes in the cosmetics industry. Especially in foreign countries, the phenomenon is more obvious. The paper can packaging structure is complex, which can realize some personalized and creative packaging forms. Moreover, it can do hot stamping, laminating, UV, glue, silkscreen, and other printing processes to make the empty cosmetic tubes present a more exquisite effect. It looks very tall, and more importantly, environmental protection.

Regardless of the lipstick packaged in paper tubes, with the exquisite production process and diversified printing process, it also shows a tall visual effect, attracting consumers’ attention. Paper lip balm tubes packaging, are you tempted?

Natural environmental protection and accept customized paper lipstick tube, it is worth a try to increase product sales
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Natural environmental protection and accept customized paper lipstick tube, it is worth a try to increase product sales
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