Apparel box

Custom Apparel Cardboard Box Packaging, Paper Box for Clothes Wholesale.

There are several reasons why paper boxes are a popular choice for apparel packaging:

Sustainable: Paper boxes are made from renewable resources, and can be recycled or biodegraded.
Lightweight: Paper boxes are lightweight which makes them cost-effective to ship and handle.
Customizable: Paper boxes can be customized with various finishes, such as gloss or matte, and can be printed with high-quality graphics or branding.
Reusable: Paper boxes can be designed to be reusable, adding value for the customer.
Cost-effective: Compared to other packaging options such as plastic or metal boxes, paper boxes are relatively cost-effective.
Versatile: Paper boxes come in different types and shapes, and can be used for a variety of apparel items, from t-shirts to sweaters to shoes.
Branding: Paper boxes can be printed with the company’s logo, branding, and other information, which helps to increase brand awareness and loyalty.
Easy to recycle: Paper boxes can be easily recycled after use, which is beneficial for the environment.`
Good presentation: A well-designed paper box can help to present the clothing inside in an attractive and luxurious way. focuses on custom paper packaging manufacturing and can produce different types of custom paper apparel box with your own elegant printing design. With a full set of advanced paper packaging production equipment and skilled craftsmen, we can provide high-quality luxury paper clothes boxes at a cost-effective price.

If you need good quality paper apparel packaging to promote your business, please find a similar paper packaging type on our web Click the inquiry button and write us the basic specification of the paper packaging you need, such as packaging box size, color printing, material, order quantity .etc. Our sales will provide packaging solutions and help you custom make your own apparel packaging box step by step.

Foldable double open paper box (GB83)

Black paper foldable rigid boxes with golden inside, flat pack to save shipping cost. Foldable paper box with double door structure, so consumers can open the paper packaging box in amazing way. Paper box has magnet clusure and ribbon, easy open and close in gift present way. Custom paper packaging box order MOQ: 1000pcs.

Black Folding Packaging Collapsible Gift Boxes (GB55)

Custom mass production luxury black foldable magnetic gift box with ribbon for packing clothes. OEM & ODM acceptable. Custom order MOQ 1000pcs

Paper cardboard underwear socks package tube (RB136)

It's roll tube paper box with your own logo for socks. Colored printed coca-cola design on the case of custom tube cylindar packaging. Packaging can consist of 100% natural paper materail. Production accept minimum order quantity 1000pcs.

Shaped foldable packaging gift boxes magnetic lid (GB76)

This is a magnetic lid paper foldable gift box, knock down flat boxes with peel-and-stick four adhesive corners. When you receive the boxes, you can easy fold up the flat packed boxes easily, and glue the four corner adhesive stickers to stick the box to stand up. Personalized made with custom logo design print and custom size available. MOQ: 500pcs.

eco friendly paper t shirt packaging tube (RB96)

Black color round tube t shirt packaging box. Custom white print client's personalize design on tube box case. The tubular packaging box size can be customized based on garment reality rolling size, just fit for it. It can custom made digital colored tube box samples and ship to overseas client's to check, and let client make decision if need go ahead to order bulk tube boxes.

Custom Cylinder T Shirt Box Packaging (RB75)

Eco-friendly Kraft paper tube packaging boxes for t-shirts, custom box size to fit products and custom design printing available. Custom colored box sample making and shipping to the client's hand to check. Help the client arrange shipping goods to his or her warehouse if needed.

Paper Folding Corrugated Cardboard Shoe Boxes (CO03)

This cardboard shoe boxes with handle, is more convenient for carrying when do shopping. Different to shopping bag, this is more durable and good protection, also, can be customized as any shapes for customers purposes. Both sides can be printed, and any colors is okay for the paper core, see the black mailer box

Supreme T Shirt Packaging Tube Storage Box (RB51)

Packaging tube cardboard of lid base and hat structure, can be customized in many shapes, hexagon tubes, round tubes, square tubes, and other clear tube options that are made with FDA approved material. Rolled or flat edges is the most common one.

Folding Gift Boxes Cloth Storage Packaging (GB27)

Different to corrugated folding boxes, or paper foldable box, this apparel packaging box is widely used for big wholesale. This can be assembled by 3M adhesive tapes at the corners, can strong enough like a rigid gift boxes

Baseball Cap Packaging Box-Hat Packaging Box (GB31)

This is a square shape rigid hardcase hat box with hook on top. Box printed with custom design on out and inner case. 157gsm colorful printed art paper case and 2mm greyboard makes hat packing box strong and have good shape. Merchant can sale the hat products on their goods shelf by the box hanger. We can produce special hat paper box for you with custom printing and custom size.

Large Apparel Window Box Packaging (GB36)

It's a beige color rigid paperboard box with clear PVC window. It's beige color on out box and lily white color on inside box. People can see the products in the box by the transparent PVC window on the box cap. As a original paper packaging box supplier, we can produce custom packaging box by client's own design.

Large Collapsible Cloth Packaging Box Gift Boxes (GB37)

Custom logo durable use collapsible paperboard packaging box. Pink color rigid box with pink ribbon string. Box in large size so fit for cloth packaging and box foldable attribute can save large shipping room and shipping cost. Custom color box sample available. MOQ: 500pcs.

Corrugated E-flute Color Printed Clothes Box Package (CO08)

This custom printing clothes box is a kind of corrugated mailing carton box good for shipping. It can be colorful printing customer's private design on outer or inner case. Most important, it can fold flat to pack and much save shipping cost.

Custom Cardboard Magnetic Packaging Box For Umbrella (GB54)

China Supplier Wholesale Magnetic Cardboard Umbrella Packaging Box We do support customize logo & color