Packaging Industry Dynamics

Large-scale enterprises have strong funds and strong scientific research capabilities, and they have pioneering effects in many fields. Also in the field of eco friendly packaging, we can find that paper packaging is always a major development direction of environmental protection packaging through the exploration of large-scale well-known companies. Najiko who pays attention to environmentally […]

European countries use the whole process evaluation method for packaging materials. They have a high disposal rate of consumer goods leftovers, and the notion of “no waste, waste is also a resource” is well-known. European people have developed the habit of not throwing things away since they were young. The European Federation has made an […]

wholesale cosmetic containers

Nowadays, there are not a few products packaged in cardboard cylinder boxes. In our daily life, we often find food cardboard tube boxes. Can you imagine what it’s like to pack lipstick in cylindrical paper tubes? What kind of sparks will the lipstick and the cylinder paper collide with? Let’s enjoy it-paper lip balm tubes! […]

wholesale cosmetic containers

Cosmetic box packaging attracts eyeballs and promotes consumption. Innovative and eye-catching packaging can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy and increase sales. According to a report recently released by Markets and Markets, the world’s second-largest market consulting company, the global cosmetic packaging market is expected to grow from US$49.4 billion in 2020 to US$60.9 billion in […]

paper food tube packaging types

Paper tube food packaging is a healthy and environmentally friendly round paper packaging box. It is mainly made of paper materials. In order to make the round packaging cans have airtightness, its lid and bottom are often made of aluminum or iron sealing lids and sealing bottoms. Food paper cans use special food-grade paper materials. […]

child resistant tube packaging

Packaging is one of the most important links in the production and marketing of modern goods. The quality of packaging is directly related to the value of the goods in the market. Packaging not only gives the product a unique personality, but also establishes a perfect visual image for the product; packaging is the self-presentation […]

How to increase the beauty packaging design? Look at these 9 important design rules. 01 charm bias Charismatic people are usually more popular than those without charm. The ideal facial features and body ratio will make the character more attractive. Therefore, in the design, if you want to show the character, you must consider using […]

wireless headphone cellphone

Nowadays, humanized designing, green designing, interactive designing, personalized designing, etc., many design concepts are increasingly enriching the packaging design. The packaging design has not focused only on the functionality of the package, but also on the development of society and changes in consumer demand. It is more diverse in the creativity of design and expression […]

biodegradable deodorant container

Procter & Gamble has announced that in May it will test the first package of full custom paper tubes for a selection of antique aluminum-free spices and undisclosed deodorants at 500 Walmart stores across the United States. The 90% recycled paper tube packaging is Forest Stewardship Council certified and features a push-up design that would […]

cylindrical packaging tube for powder

Food cylinder paper cans are mainly made of food-grade paper. A rigid round cardboard tube is the main packaging body. The inner surface of the paper tube is covered with a layer of food-grade aluminum film or coating material, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. Sealing with iron or plastic caps on the ends of the […]

round flower rose box

what’s paper round flower box? The packaging gift box is constantly updated, and the flower gift box has quickly won the hearts of many young people. The delicate and creative Paperboard round flower box is becoming more and more popular. Many times, surprises or first feelings are very important. A beautiful flower box can attract […]

wholesale cosmetic packaging

How can I start my paper packaging business What is paper packaging Paper packaging refers to by processing paper material like color printing, surface treatment, diecutting and then assemble to packaging containers. Paper packaging mainly includes: paper cylinder boxes, paperboard gift boxes, cardboard boxes, paper bags. As it’s consist of biodegradable paper material, it’s eco-friendly […]

popcorn chocolate nut box packaging

Why Choose Cylinder Boxes Packaging Paper cylindrical packaging box, also known as cylindrical carton box, paper cans, round box packaging, cylinder boxes, mainly by the cylinder cover, cylinder body, the bottom of the cylinder. Compared with the ordinary gift box, its biggest feature is that the shape is circular. From the point of view of […]

storage cylinder packaging clear pet box

Packaging designing is a combination of technology and art, using natural science and aesthetic knowledge to design product packaging structure, styling, and decoration. Design packaging is to obtain better protection during the circulation of the product and to promote the sale of goods and enhance the company’s brand image. As a carrier of visual communication, […]

serialization tea packaging box design

What’s Serialization packaging design? Serialization packaging design is a more and more popular form in modern packaging design. It is a unified design with different characteristics of an enterprise or a trademark and brand name with a common feature. It can be unified with special packaging modeling features, shapes, colors, patterns, logos, etc. to form […]

round paper gift boxes

Round paper boxes are also called paper cylinders, paper cans, paper tubes, paper jar packaging .etc. The paper cylinder box is a cylindrical package, belonging to the field of sealed packaging. The utility round box is consists of a cylindrical box body and a lid that are open at both ends. The lid covers the […]

make a paper box sample

Before paper box packaging design or mass production, it is an important content to make paper box sample by hand. The production of paper manual samples can help packaging designers and packaging engineers to find out the details that are difficult to detect in packaging design and drawing. And check whether the functions in the […]

round paper can products

How can I book a custom round paper gift box for my products? What the way to custom design may favorite cylinder box packaging? To custom make your nice round box packaging, first you show know the basic specific of the round paper box. Please see below picture, a round box consist of round shape […]