Packaging Industry Dynamics

We all know a premium packaging can attract client’s eyes, expand company awareness, so to promote the business. Here are five packaging value list: First, Visual attraction Creative packaging plays a key role in attracting visuals. The spread of brand packaging is more than the general effect of advertising. Enterprises must pay attention to creative […]

advent calendar gift box

Exquisite product packaging can be used to beautify goods, introduce goods and promote sales. Packaging can not only improve the market competitiveness of goods, but also attract customers and guide consumption with its novel and unique artistic charm, and become a powerful factor to promote consumer purchase. We all know the benefits of a good […]

lovely heart box for chocolate candy

1. Protect the product’s luster, fragrance and shape to extend shelf life. It is very important that the candy and chocolate maintain their proper appearance for a certain period of time. For example, fruit candy should have good transparency and corresponding fruit aroma. The chocolate surface should have good brightness and cocoa fragrance. These qualities […]

gift box

Why are flower boxes more popular than bouquet? There are 5 main reasons for Consumer: Buying flowers is pursuing a spiritual satisfaction. For those who love flowers, the moment they receive a flower box is totally different to a bouquet, the flower boxes bring a deeper experience when open the box. Everyone likes surprises. Before opening […]

brown bags with handles

Tomorrow of Kraft Paper Bags in Fast Fashion Brands In recent years, have you seen this phenomena? Fast fashion clothing headed by Zara and UNIQLO, using kraft paper bags as their own packaging paper bags. What will happen in the clothing packaging in the future? First of all, Zara and other fast fashion brands choose […]

Valentines' Day Gift Chocolate Packaging

Book-type (Clamshell or Magnetic Gift Box), often used in luxury gifts packaging, can be seen everywhere in packaging industry, such as, cosmetic box, jewelry and watch box etc..

custom product packaging boxes

In the food packaging, such as chocolate,coffee and other sweet candy are gradually expanding into paper packaging. In the near future, green packaging, will usher in greater opportunities, and paper packaging will become a major trend.