Cosmetic box

Custom Advent Calendar Packaging Box For Skin Store

Large square calendar paper box with inside small drawer boxes. Good storage boxes for 12 Miracles of beauty.

Small Cardboard Lid And Base Box With Flocking Blister Tray

Lid and base box is a kind of shoulder box, composed of 2 separated parts. The paper box at right is for serum bottle packaing with blister, we do almost every kinds gift packaging box for cosmetics usage, and we provide free transportation to your assigned bottle supplier within Guangdong

Hot Sale Plastic PET PVC Makeup Packaging Box

Makeup packaging is a great way to protection and help consumer to know what they buy. This kind cosmetics packaging method is easy for transportation and displsy also, You can see this in almost every beauty salon or stores, it is more attractive and beauful.

Personalized Printing PVC Box Packaging With Logo Branded

PVC packaging box not only for candy or favor packaging anymore. We do this for eyelash packaging with customized printing. Clear or transparent plastic box of this is suitable for products of high end and need to be keep clean. Hanger above makes box vertically displayed and easy storage. Btw, plastic box is lighter than heavy paper board.

Custom Print Clear PVC Box Gift Packaging For Hair Oil

Transparent clear PVC is not only for chocolates anymore! We do this kind plastic box for hair protection using, there is a die cut structure to ensure the oil bottle inside. Straight end tuck in structure is simple to assemble and cost saving for delivery.

Empty Square Paper Eye Lash Box Packaging

Mini empty rectangle paper box for lash packaging, is a very simple magnetic closure (clamshell box) box, with blister tray inside to keep lashes in shape and long healthy. Window of PVC on it allows consumer review the lashes before purchase. Contact us and custom your lash box at a very cheap prices.

Empty Cosmetic Packaging Paperbox Containers

This gold paper cosmetic packaging is customized to display the perfume inside, with special openning in front, people have a good look. Widely used in jewelry packaging like earring packaging, watch packaging and something of elegance, nice crafts

Custom Cardboard Paper Flip Lid Cosmetic Box

Magnetic box as its opening structure, lets consumers see and test what they wanna to purchase, used in cosmetics packaging usually. See what we do.

Lip Gloss Tube Box Packaging Container

Biodegradable paper board lip gloss | lip balm | lipstick tube box with inner plastic rotate key tube. Easy to fill tube with lip balm or lipstick and easy to use. Box case can be printed with client's private own design.

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