1. 50ml Arabic perfume box packaging.

This is the classic rolling or crimping edge round cardboard cosmetic packaging box structure for perfume bottles or cream jars which require higher display performance.

Long cap with short bottom, give customers more space to show their products to consumers when cap removed.

Soft high quality EVA foam inside the paper tube bottom here, not only for supporting the perfume bottle to a proper height, also ensures the bottles’ safety in shipping from places to places. Besides the softness of the foam, we use odorless foam and provide various color options.

Except these functional things, let us take a look at the aesthetics of this simplicity design.

First, customer use a common frosted glass bottle with a black spray cap, this kind of perfume bottle can be found in the market easily. Second, very clean design and finishing, hot stamped logo and ornament in the favorite gold color of Arabs on the white background. Third, perfect harmony-contrast effect, to highlight the bottle, combined with glossy gold card wrapping on the inner tube and top disc, but tube box used matte lamination.

2. Arabic cosmetics round packaging jar.

This is the normal paper tube structure for cosmetics jar, so why introduce here? Is there anything special? Yes, this is unique.

Unique Arabian design with their unique cultural elements, always give people a sense of luxury for the royal family. All color designed in Pantones, great to brand-building and keep conformity from beginning to well-known afterwards.

Unique printing method, different from the common ones on the market, this one used reverse UV printing, made the cosmetic box more exquisite and more brighter.

Embossed logo on sliver fancy paper, bring consumers a more perfectly visual sense of layering. Also, this is not simple embossing, it’s relief craft, better results in stereoscopic performance.

3. 30ml essential oil dropper packaging tube

As we all know, there are countless essentials oils sell under one brand, take like Aroma Magic as examples, they have lavender, peppermint, lemon, frankincense, bergamot, etc..

A colorful design is especially important for these oil boxes. You should have also noticed, these packages are consistent in style and design, appears and sells in series or kit.

To be different to square boxes, more customers start looking alternatives, round tube packaging as above was found and widely used. It offers more space for customers to enrich their design and do product introduction.

However, at the same time, with increased people’s awareness of environmental protection, naturally unprinted brown kraft oil tubes become popular.

4. Flat ends paper tube box of “Tiffany & Love For Her Eau De Parfum Spray 90ml”

Following its always packaging style, Tiffany insist its design concept – simple of bigger picture, innovation and exceptional standard. We’re lucky to be part of it.

Different to all above crimping edge round boxes, Tiffany here use a flat ends structure let it differentiate from others. Why flat end?

Flat ends avoid the wrinkles when rolling the edges. Also, flat end tube box is smaller in size.

Details to share, the unboxing experience is superior, smoothly opening closing due to its superb technical strength, textured materials with soft touch finishing, scented suitable foam, not too tight or loose for consumers, etc..

These are just a few examples of our premium packaging solutions, and the possibilities are endless. If you’re ready to customize your own perfume box packaging to create a lasting impression, we’re excited to collaborate with you. Contact us today to bring your cardboard cosmetic packaging vision to life!