Child Resistant Box

Custom Children Resistant Box Packaging – Child Proof Paper Boxes Wholesale

A child-resistant rigid paper box is a type of packaging that is designed to be difficult for children to open, while still being easy for adults to use. This type of packaging is typically used for products that can be harmful to children if ingested, such as vape products or medication. The box is made of rigid paper material that is able to hold its shape and prevent crushing. It typically features a locking mechanism that requires a specific sequence of steps to open. This can include squeezing or pushing a certain part of the box, or rotating a portion of the lid. The purpose of this design is to prevent children from accidentally ingesting harmful products. is an expert in child-proof paper box manufacturing. We have an experienced packaging engineering group and skillfull handwork production team, who can design and produce these types of boxes at high quality. Please feel free to inquiry us to bespoke your private paper box.

Child Resistant Packaging Cardboard Tube Box (RB109)

This is a certidied child resistant cardboard tube packaging. It has simple but useful child proof locking structure which can protect children by preventing them open the tube box. Custom paper tubes MOQ: 1000pcs.

Child Proof Paper Box For Electronic Cigarette (GB43)

Custom design rigid paper child-resistant box packaging, custom design printing and custom size available. The cardboard child proof box widely used in CBD cannabis packaging, vape cartridge packaging boxes .etc. Cheap factory wholesale price, short lead time, low MOQ as 1000pcs.