Large-scale enterprises have strong funds and strong scientific research capabilities, and they have pioneering effects in many fields. Also in the field of eco-friendly packaging, we can find that paper packaging is always a major development direction of environmental protection packaging through the exploration of large-scale well-known companies.

Najiko who pays attention to environmentally friendly packaging design

The cosmetics brand Najiko NONO NOTES team has currently launched about 20 products. From the initial answer card eyebrow pencil, cheese-shaped lip glaze, lace jewelry box powder, showing the brand’s emphasis on the original design, the characteristics of the details.

The three-layer dessert packaging of Zhizhi Lip Glaze comes from different types of outsourcing suppliers, combining different accessories together.

The newly launched new product lace powder is also another original attempt of Naijizi, the paper packaging material, from the perspective of appearance + practicality.

The packaging designer does specially designed the package so that it can take out freely the inner core of the powder. It has the function of recycling the empty bottle bag as a jewelry box.

eco friendly makeup packaging box

Paper packaging is more difficult than ordinary packaging because of its particularity and complex structure. In this process, it is necessary to continuously test the paper’s hardness, structural design, paper quality, corner symmetry creases, etc. And test whether the paper packaging box affects the effect of powder, whether it will peel off in places with large odor differences. And test whether it’s easily strong enough during transportation.

After customizing the packaging materials, it is the assembly stage. Because of the cost and duration of the problem, it also faces a lot of challenges. Production lead time of custom packaging always needs more than 15 days. Waiting for all paper packaging raw materials, such as printed case paper, greyboard, closure magnet .etc. Then go through debugging and assembly testing. Finally to the manual assembly stage, the efficiency of workers’ hand working is low, and the production capacity is relatively slow.

Although the paper packaging process is more complicated, the original intention of the team is to continuously strengthen the brand concept of “notes” environmental protection through the concept of paper.

At the same time, for new brands, paper packaging has a low MOQ and a strong sense of design. It is a good choice for brand breakthroughs. It is conducive to high-frequency upgrades and liberates the packaging material restrictions of design expression.

Coca-Cola will launch paper packaging

According to reports, Coca-Cola has developed new environmentally friendly packaging. The new packaging consists of a paper shell with plastic lining and a recyclable plastic cover. Will conduct the first test in Hungary in the second quarter of this year.

paper bottle packaging

Coca-Cola said that the company’s ultimate goal is to develop completely recyclable paper bottles. Developing eco friendly packaging so as to make its own contribution to the earth’s environmental protection.

In addition, we learned that Coca-Cola was previously accused of being the world’s largest plastic pollution company.

By developing packaging paper box, famous company show more attention on eco friendly packaging box
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By developing packaging paper box, famous company show more attention on eco friendly packaging box
One brand cosmetic company apply more beauty packaging box, one famous beverage company develop paper bottle packaging. Well-known companies are taking the lead in environmental protection.
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