flip box produce procedure

Book Shape Box Gluing Process 1、Preparation: molded gray board inner box, inner box edge paper, inner box edge paper, leather shell double gray, leather shell paper, leather shell inner paper Tools: Scraper, rag, alcohol Glue: Select the appropriate glue according to the surface treatment of the paper 2, production process (1) According to the second […]

custom product packaging boxes

In the food packaging, such as chocolate,coffee and other sweet candy are gradually expanding into paper packaging. In the near future, green packaging, will usher in greater opportunities, and paper packaging will become a major trend.

raw paper packaging material

What is the best packaging material? Almost all products in our lives require a box or bag to protect the package. Packaging can not only protect products, but also increase product added value and promote product branding. Ordinary product packaging is divided by packaging material, mainly paper packaging, glass packaging, plastic packaging, PET / PVC […]

round paper can products

How can I book a custom round paper gift box for my products? What the way to custom design may favorite cylinder box packaging? To custom make your nice round box packaging, first you show know the basic specific of the round paper box. Please see below picture, a round box consist of round shape […]

How Does Packaging Factory Produce Round Paper Box Round paper box also called round paper tubes, paper can, paper jar box or cylinder paper box. Paper round box has many advantages (why round box be popular, please see advantage of paper board round box), it’s widely used in cosmetics packaging, bottle packaging, electronics product packaging, […]

What is the importance in packaging designing for business growth? Packaging designing is a combination of technology and art, using natural science and aesthetic knowledge to design product packaging structure, styling, and decoration. Design packaging is to obtain better protection during the circulation of the product and to promote the sale of goods and enhance the company’s brand image. […]

HK packaging & printing fair

Major Custom Attend the 14th HK International Printing & Packaging Fair from 27th/2019 to 30th/2019 and win big sucess. The printing & packaging fair is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Huagang International Exhibition Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Fair was held at AsiaWorld-Expo to create opportunities for […]

Rigid Paperboard Box Packaging Style Introduction As one of most eco-friendly raw material, paper has widely use in packaging industry. With different physical form like white art paper, colorful special paper, rigid greybeard, corrugated cardboard .etc, paper can be made into variety style packaging box. Now let’s discuss several style of rigid paperboard packaging box […]

popcorn chocolate nut box packaging

Why Choose Cylinder Boxes Packaging Paper cylindrical packaging box, also known as cylindrical carton box, paper cans, round box packaging, cylinder boxes, mainly by the cylinder cover, cylinder body, the bottom of the cylinder. Compared with the ordinary gift box, its biggest feature is that the shape is circular. From the point of view of […]

wholesale cosmetic packaging

How can i start my paper packaging business What is paper packaging Paper packaging refers to by processing paper material like color printing, surface treatment, diecutting and then assemble to packaging containers. Paper packaging mainly includes: paper cylinder boxes, paperboard gift boxes, cardboard boxes, paper bags. As it’s consist of biodegradable paper material, it’s eco-friendly […]