handmade assemble paper box

McLaren P1 has been introduced to us more than two years ago, back in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, but you probably still have your knees weaken every time you see this car. Well, this specific McLaren P1 comes courtesy of MSO division meaning an array of elements on the P1 that distinguish it from the normal one. This week the car has been spotted parked outside Beverly Wilshire hotel, one fantastic spot in Beverly Hills, CA which is known for exotic cars and visited by people from the Middle East.

produce gift paper box

Industry Production Process In Manufacturing Paper Gift Box Nowadays packaging plays a very import role in decorating and protecting the products. Almost every goods you see in the stores, supermarkets, or world’s top brand stores be packed in different kinds of packagings, plastic bags, paper bags, acrylic boxes, plastic boxes .etc. And as environment problem […]

How To Make A Card Box

April 13, 2009
gluing card paper box

Paper Card Box Printing and Producing Process Paper card box also called paper gift card box, including reverse tuck end card box, auto-lock bottom box, hanger card box, drawer card box, PVC window card box, pillow card box .etc. Card box consist of single wall paper card like 200gsm ~ 350gsm C1S (Coated One Side […]

packaging printing

Good printing quality is the foundation to produce high quality packaging products. In packaging printing industry, there are 8 quality issues that need attention in printing. First, network blocked problem Printing dot clogging is more common, and the dot jam has a certain relationship with the printing plate. When making a printing plate, the number of […]

glue box on case

Book Shape Box Gluing Process 1、Preparation: moulded gray board inner box, inner box edge paper, inner box edge paper, leather shell double gray, leather shell paper, leather shell inner paper Tools: Scraper, rag, alcohol Glue: Select the appropriate glue according to the surface treatment of the paper 2, production process, process (1) According to the […]

custom product packaging boxes

In the food packaging, such as chocolate,coffee and other sweet candy are gradually expanding into paper packaging. In the near future, green packaging, will usher in greater opportunities, and paper packaging will become a major trend.

2 tier gift box

Meaning of the color box: as an indispensable part of modern products, packaging bear the important responsibility of containing, protecting products and aesthetics. It attracts more attention, packaging design highlights the novelty and beauty of the product, which can also benifit to the product marketing and brand. As the first direct visual impact to the […]

Valentines' Day Gift Chocolate Packaging

Book-type (Clamshell or Magnetic Gift Box), often used in luxury gifts packaging, can be seen everywhere in packaging industry, such as, cosmetic box, jewelry and watch box etc..

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