Surface treatment also called surface finish, surface handing, or Surface coating. High-end packaging often requires extensive surface treatment to modify. Proper surface treatment after printing can decorate the paper packaging box and improve the quality of the packaging. All paper packaging can be surface treated. Such as cylindrical paper boxes, square gift boxes, cardboard boxes, […]

Packaging Overview Any product needs to be packaged since get out from the factory. Designing perfect packaging has become a powerful means of competition for modern businesses. Manufacturers are calling “new packaging, new listing” to attract consumers. At all costs, in order to change the image of its products in the minds of consumers, thereby […]

flip box produce procedure

Magnetic gift box is the most common square paper gift box packaging. It has the advantages of good display, firm structure and convenient use. How are gift boxes with magnetic lid produced? Let’s take a look at the production steps together: 1、Preparation Raw material: molded gray board inner box, inner box edge paper, inner box […]

custom product packaging boxes

In the food packaging, such as chocolate,coffee and other sweet candy are gradually expanding into paper packaging. In the near future, green packaging, will usher in greater opportunities, and paper packaging will become a major trend.

raw paper packaging material

What is the best packaging material? Almost all products in our lives require a box or bag to protect the package. Packaging can not only protect products, but also increase product added value and promote product branding. Ordinary product packaging is divided by packaging material, mainly paper packaging, glass packaging, plastic packaging, PET / PVC […]

round paper can products

How can I book a custom round paper gift box for my products? What the way to custom design may favorite cylinder box packaging? To custom make your nice round box packaging, first you show know the basic specific of the round paper box. Please see below picture, a round box consist of round shape […]

paper tubes quality checking

How Does Packaging Factory Produce Round Paper Box Round paper box also called round paper tubes, paper can, paper jar box or cylinder paper box. Paper round box has many advantages (why round box be popular, please see advantage of paper board round box), it’s widely used in cosmetics packaging, bottle packaging, electronics product packaging, […]

make a paper box sample

Before paper box packaging design or mass production, it is an important content to make paper box sample by hand. The production of paper manual samples can help packaging designers and packaging engineers to find out the details that are difficult to detect in packaging design and drawing. And check whether the functions in the […]

Cylinder paper box introduce

November 20, 2016
round paper gift boxes

Round paper boxes are also called paper cylinders, paper cans, paper tubes, paper jar packaging .etc. The paper cylinder box is a cylindrical package, belonging to the field of sealed packaging. The utility round box is consists of a cylindrical box body and a lid that are open at both ends. The lid covers the […]

serialization tea packaging box design

What’s Serialization packaging design? Serialization packaging design is a more and more popular form in modern packaging design. It is a unified design with different characteristics of an enterprise or a trademark and brand name with a common feature. It can be unified with special packaging modeling features, shapes, colors, patterns, logos, etc. to form […]