Eyeshadow Palette

Empty Custom Eyeshadow Palette Packaging OEM – Magnetic Makeup Palettes, Paper Eyeshadow Palette Box Wholesale.

A paper eyeshadow palette is a type of eco-packaging used for eye shadow. It typically consists of a compact case made of paper that contains multiple shades of eyeshadows. The palette may have a variety of colors and finishes, such as matte, shimmer, and glitter, to allow the user to create a range of looks. The paper custom eyeshadow palettes always have a hinged lid or a removable cover. It may include a mirror and applicators for easy use. And even some cardboard eye shadow palette boxes have room for eyeshadow brushes. The paper makeup palette packaging is a popular and convenient option for makeup enthusiasts, as they are lightweight, portable, and easy to store.

The paper empty eyeshadow palette box you receive is fully customized. mcpackagings.com produce the box size based on your own design. Print your unique brand design on the surface of the box. Here, you will find the highest quality private label eyeshadow palette box customization service. You can enhance brand awareness and influence and increase market share by customizing new product packaging boxes. If you need custom high-end biodegradable eyeshadow packaging, please feel free to contact us.

Eyeshadow pallet with mirrored packaging (GB93)

This is a 28 color makeup pallette private label eyeshadow palette with mirror. It's made of paper material, so belongs to sustainable eco packaging. Custom design printing and custom size, custom colors available. Wholesale makeup eyeshadow palette MOQ;1000pcs.

Custom round shape eyeshadow palette with mirror (GB92)

custom semicircle shape eyeshadow palette packaging with private label printing. Sustainable paper palette packaging; custom colors pigment available; custom size & custom design printing available. Empty eyeshadow makeup palettes OEM MOQ: 1000pcs.

OEM paperboard 18 colors makeup eyeshadow palette (GB59)

This eyeshadow paper box is made of 100% biodegradable paper material. It belongs to eco-friendly green packaging. It has custom colorful printing design on the outer case, and rose golden paper case on the panel case. Eye shadow palette size can be totally customized, based on makeup color number and pans size. MOQ 1000pcs, but larger quantity has a better price.

Empty cardboard eyeshadow palette with mirror(GB57)

Shown above is a paper eyeshadow box with a mirror. A simple flower pattern is printed on the surface of the blue paper eyeshadow palette. The golden foil stamping customer's golden logo on the box surface is bright and conspicuous, demonstrating the customer's brand. The eyeshadow palette is evenly distributed with 12 color circular slots and a long strip slot. The size of this slot is set according to the customer's godets. You can ship us some of your metal gadgets samples to prepare box template. We can add a mirror on the inside of the eyeshadow flip so that consumers only need one eyeshadow tray to complete makeup. The color printing, size, and color number of our eyeshadow palettes are all custom-produced according to customer needs. Our customized MOQ for eyeshadow palette is 1000 pcs.

Empty eyeshadow palette with brush (GB94)

This is custom paper eyeshadow palette with brush room. It's designed not only for eyeshadow, but also consumers can put eyeshadow brush into this paper palette. Custom size & custom printing design available. Welcome custom make your own makeup eyeshadow holder. MOQ: 1000pcs.

Paperboard wallet shaped eyeshadow palette (GB95)

These are eco paper makup cosmetic eyeshadow palette with custom Lady's bag shape. It can custom design printing and custom size made. We can make any custom shape paper eyeshadow palette with your own design. MOQ: 1000pcs.

Paper Eyeshadow Palette Private Label OEM Produce (GB58)

The surface of this magnetic eyeshadow palette is printed with a marble design. The empty eyeshadow box is made of 100% paper and is green packaging. It has a clamshell magnetic structure。 Consumers can easily open and close the eyeshadow box without huge vibration. The box surface can be printed with the customer's customized color pattern design and rich surface treatment decoration. The size and thickness can be customized according to the size of the eye shadow metal gadget. We have a dedicated paper eye shadow box production workshop, which can produce all kinds of customized rigid cardboard eye shadow boxes with high quality, low price, and fast speed. MOQ is 1000pcs, and the larger the order quantity, the cheaper it is.