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The surface of this magnetic eyeshadow palette is printed with a marble design. The empty eyeshadow box is made of 100% paper and is green packaging. It has a clamshell magnetic structure。 Consumers can easily open and close the eyeshadow box without huge vibration. The box surface can be printed with the customer's customized color pattern design and rich surface treatment decoration. The size and thickness can be customized according to the size of the eye shadow metal gadget. We have a dedicated paper eye shadow box production workshop, which can produce all kinds of customized rigid cardboard eye shadow boxes with high quality, low price, and fast speed. MOQ is 1000pcs, and the larger the order quantity, the cheaper it is.

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Contemporary brand beauty companies are paying more and more attention to using environmentally friendly paper packaging to package their beauty products. Select guaranteed green paper environmental protection materials to ensure that the packaging is as sustainable and recyclable as possible. Pass the concept of environmental protection to consumers, reduce the burden on the earth, reduce smog, and make the earth more beautiful. The eco-friendly Paper Eyeshadow Palette Private Label is 100% made of paper. So it is favored by more and more cosmetics brands by its biodegradable.

Shown above is a marble makeup eyeshadow palette. We use 157gsm art paper with a marble pattern printed on it. The printed pattern is clear and true, so it looks like the entire eyeshadow base is carved out of marble. We print the client’s main brand logo on the top surface of the eye shadow box.

We have a number of solutions that highlight the customer’s brand logo. 1. Make glitter on the logo to make the company logo look more dazzling. 2. Different color hot foil stamping logo, such as gold /silver / red / black… colored foil stamping. 3 Do spot UV varnish on top of the printed logo to make the logo looks shiny. 3. Deboss or emboss to make the logo looks more layered. On the back of the empty eyeshadow palette box are the product instructions, barcode, certification mark, etc. 1500gsm greyboard ~ 1800gsm greyboard compose the main body of the eyeshadow palette.

Custom logo mirrored eyeshadow palette private label cardboard packaging

At the same time, the size and color number of the colorful eyeshadow palette can be customized. We can produce a single-color eyeshadow palette, 4 color eyeshadow palette, 9-color eyeshadow palette, 12-color eyeshadow palette, 18-color eyeshadow palette, and so on. You can send us your metal gadgets, and our packaging engineer will prepare box template/mockup according to the size of the metal gadgets. Then provide the box template to your packaging designer to design the printed content.

The paper eyeshadow palette private label has excellent performance. Its environmental sustainability does not come at the expense of consumer experience. On the contrary, the paper eyeshadow palette is an excellent sustainable solution that improves the consumer experience. The main material of the eyeshadow palette is thick cardboard. Consumers feel that the eyeshadow palette is heavy and reliable. We can add a mirror on the cover of the eyeshadow palette. Consumers can put the paper eyeshadow box in their carry-on bag at will. When needed, a single paper eyeshadow box can complete the eye shadow beauty makeup without the need for an additional mirror.

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