Chocolate Box

Custom Chocolate Packaging Paper Box Wholesale – Empty Chocolate Candy Gift Boxes.

Paper chocolate gift box is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for chocolate packaging. Paper is a renewable resource and can be easily recycled, whereas plastic packaging can take hundreds of years to degrade in the environment. Also, paper boxes can be designed to be visually appealing and can serve as a form of advertising for the chocolate brand.

Order personalized box packaging can be an effective way to promote chocolate sales by creating a unique, memorable experience for the customer. Customized packaging can include your own company name or logo, a special message, or a unique design that sets the product apart from others. It can create a sense of exclusivity or luxury, which can increase perceived value and drive sales. Additionally, It’s a great way to differentiate your product from competitors and create a strong brand identity. can produce different type of custom paper packaging boxes for chocolate, such as 2-piece chocolate box clear lid, advent calendar chocolate boxes, heart-shaped chocolates box .etc. All luxury chocolate boxes can be custom designed to match the brand’s aesthetic and packaging needs.

If you need eco paper personalized chocolate packaging to promote your chocolate sale, please feel free to send an inquiry to us.

Custom letter shaped gift boxes (GB90)

This is an eco paperboard alphabet R shaped cardboard box. 100% paper material and belongs to sustainable packaging boxes. Any custom fillable number and letter shaped available, custom box size available, custom design printing and surface handling available. Accept custom design colored box sample mock up. MOQ: 1000pcs.

Rigid paper chocolate packaging box (GB69)

Premium lid and base chocolate candy gift box, custom size & custom design printing available. Rigid eco paper box with blister insert for chocolate food packaging. With automatic paper gift box production line, we can produce large quantity chocolate paper box with cheap price and short lead time. Free custom colored sample available. MOQ: 500pcs.

Decorative Cardboard Heart Shaped Box (GB25)

Heart shaped box as right, mainly treated as chocolate packaging or flower box for monthly or daily usage. Empty heart shaped box can also be used for customize wedding box for sweet packaging. Sell well during Valentines.

Custom Christmas Star Shaped Box (GB89)

This is a strong paperboard Christmas star shaped box packaging, which has five-pointed star shaped. Boxes made of 100% eco paper material, belongs to eco friendly /biodegradable packaging. Custom any shape, any size, any color design printing available. Custom order MOQ: 1000pcs.

Custom Folding Macarons Paper Box (GB38)

Material: 1200 GSM Grey board or Hardboard Coated in Colorful Printing 157 Art Paper; Color: Custom color Printing; Texture: Flat art paper or embossed linen or grain texture or equivalent as client need; Size: custom size available; Thickness: 2mm; Packaging: packaged in units of 5 boxes with 5 gold ribbon bows and One 175g bag of metallic Gold Crinkle Cut Paper Shred, with generic card for gift giving with envelope.

Small Round Paper Food Boxes Tubes Wholesale (RB68)

Custom design printing round paper food boxes, such as cylinder cookie box, paper tube chocolate box, round macaron boxes, round paper candy box. Custom size: Available. Custom design: Available. MOQ: 1000pcs.

Custom Logo Colored Paper Reverse Tuck Top Box (GB16)

Tuck top box as right of silver and gold paper, is for vape packaging. This kind magentic box structure, is good for products display and exhibition, normally used for cosmetics, wacthes and jewelries. While now, it uses for almost every products which need good storage. Click in and enlarge each picture, you can see the best handworks.

Customized Cardboard Hat Macaron Box Packaging (GB33)

Marcaron Boxes Packaging should notice food safe and effect to display, also easy to open and eat. Sliding Drawer box with sleeve is a simple method of macaron packaging. This one here is a gift box structure of luxury packaging, is widely used for special flavors, sweets and candy packaging.

Hot Chocolate Gift Boxes Packaging Wholesale (GB34)

People exchange chocolates during Holidays, customize your chocolate gift boxes help you win more consumers. Major Custom of many years experience will assist you to achieve a best appreance of your chocolate box. See our website thorough, you can know more about chocolate packaging from materials chose...