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Custom design printing round paper food boxes, such as cylinder cookie box, paper tube chocolate box, round macaron boxes, round paper candy box. Custom size: Available. Custom design: Available. MOQ: 1000pcs.


Children’s non-staple foods, snacks, desserts, nuts, candy, and chocolate are very popular. The shelves of supermarkets are full of all kinds of children’s snacks. This requires a novel design and packaging that stimulates people’s appetite to attract children’s eyes and stimulate their desire to buy. We are all concerned about the healthy growth of children. Not only the food inside, but also the packaging outside must be healthy and safe, and the products inside must be free from pollution. In the process of children’s unpacking and eating, packaging can not cause injury such as cuts and asphyxiation to children. Round paperboard cartons children’s paper food boxes can perfectly meet the above requirements.

First, round paper food boxes are very healthy to pack children’s food in cartons. As the carton is made of paper material, it is natural and healthy, with five poisons and no odor. Compared with plastic packaging, carton packaging is very safe, healthy and harmless to children. Round food packaging boxes are also no iron packaging boxes, iron cans of heavy metal poisoning safety hazards. Small food cartons are smooth and round, without sharp edges and corners. Round cardboard food box are not as easy to cut children’s hands as hard plastic bags, and they do not pose a risk of asphyxiation to infants.

Secondly, the circular packing box surface can print rich design patterns, do a variety of rich surface treatment such as hot stamping, UV, bumping and other decorative boxes. So the whole snack looks very attractive and attracts children to buy it. Besides, the carton is lightweight and easy to carry. People can easily put it in their pockets and take it out at any time.

Because the box is strong and durable, people will use the box for other gadgets or other food after eating the contents. When people see small round boxes printed with your company logo everywhere, it greatly promotes your products and attracts potential consumers to buy them. There is a layer of aluminum film inside the round food box to keep the food moisture. It can seal to prevent food oxidation inside. It can store the food in the round tube food box for a long time. And candy, chocolate and so on will not stick to the aluminum film wall even if they melt.

Customizing a delicate round biscuit box or chocolate box is the beginning of your sales boom. You can customize a circular carton suitable for changing the size of your product. The surface of the food grade round box is printed with a clear food pattern, which shows that your company logo. It can imagine the delicious taste of its products when consumers see the colorful food patterns on the box. Attract consumer can’t wait to buy delicious snacks. Brand logo, brand name, promotional language and so on are printed on the surface of a circular packaging box to establish your brand and expand the company’s visibility.

Major Custom specializes in the production of various food paper cylinders. If you need great natural packaging box to promote your sales market. Please contact us as soon as possible. We can provide you with quality assured products.

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