Child Resistant Packaging Cardboard Tube Box (RB109)

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This is a certidied child resistant cardboard tube packaging. It has simple but useful child proof locking structure which can protect children by preventing them open the tube box. Custom paper tubes MOQ: 1000pcs.


The paper cylinder packaging box shown in the picture above has the general advantages of ordinary round cardboard boxes. Such as environmental protection, lightweight, durable .etc. However, you can find that the biggest difference of this paper cylindrical box is that the round box lid and the round box body have a buckle structure with convex points and holes. This buckle structure is to prevent children from opening the structure. This is a round cardboard child resistant packaging box.

For the purpose of protecting children’s physical and mental health, some products people do not want to be accessible to children. People do not want young children to get or even eat the products inside. For example, electronic cigarette products, marijuana products, cosmetics.  Although people will store these products in places where children are more difficult to reach, this is not enough. What if the children get this product? At this time, it is particularly important to add more protection at the level of the packaging-design to prevent children from opening the structure.

Regarding the cylindrical child-resistant tube packaging show above, we diecut a round hole corresponding to the opening of the cylindrical bottom box and the lid. And we place a small white PVC cylindrical tab in the round hole of the bottom box. It has suitable diameter and size as the hole.  Putting an EVA insert tray in the bottom box tube. The strong elasticity of the EVA material make the PVC tabs in a protruding state. When people close the round box lid, press the PVC tab and make it buckle the upper lid hole, the cylindrical paper canister is in the locked state. Children’s fingertips have less strength and cannot easily press on the buckle part. Makes it impossible to open the custom product box.

Custom child proof rounded paper tube cardboard box

The cylindrical paper box itself is firm and has high strength, preventing children from tearing the tube paper packaging with brute force. The structure design of the PVC tabs of the buckle part and the round hole of the box cover is reasonable. Adult can easily open the box cover after pressing with the fingertips.

Children are lack of life experience and safety awareness and poor recognition ability. They are naturally curious and good at imitating. All these make children very vulnerable to our daily products but may harmful to them. Such as cosmetics, household cleaners, e-cigarette products and medicines. Therefore, it is very necessary for some packaging boxes to adopt such a child-resistant structure. At the same time, this kind of cylindrical carton packaging with childproof opening has a very wide application prospect. The cylinder packaging to prevent children from unlocking has all the advantages of the general paper can packaging. In addition, it makes the packaging box safer for children. It also lets consumers who are parents more comfortable to use.

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