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This wand lip gloss tubes consist of outer cardboard tubes and inside plastic lip gloss contaienr. It can print with custom colorful design on the tube case, to make unique lip gloss containers tube for each clients. Free packaging template provide for client to put design on. There have 3ml, 4ml, 5ml, 8ml, 10ml lipgloss container volume model for option. Production MOQ is 1000pcs.

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Lip gloss is a cosmetic for lips. It is applied directly to the lips or applied to lipstick. Lipgloss is mainly used to give gloss to the lips, and sometimes a small amount of color is added. It is usually in the form of liquid or soft solid, ranging from translucent to solid opacity, and can have a matte, glitter, luster and or metallic texture. Our cardboard lipgloss tube product is used for liquid lip gloss.

The lipgloss packaging tube we produce is a empty paper tube on the outside and an embedded plastic lip gloss bottle in the inside. Compared with ordinary all-plastic lip gloss tubes or aluminum lip gloss tubes, our empty lipgloss wand tubes luxury are more hand-feeling and more environmentally friendly. Ladies feel very comfortable when holding the paper lip gloss tube. Even in the cold winter, the hands will not feel cold.At the same time, the paper cardboard tube protects the inner plastic tube of the lip gloss well. The lipgloss packaging tube with a cardboard tube shell is also less likely to break. Even if you accidentally drop it on the ground, it will not break the inner lip gloss tube.

Lipgloss tubes empty packaging private label oem wholsale

Any color pattern can be printed on the surface of the paper lipgloss tubes custom logo. Our engineers can draw tube box template / mock up according to the required size of the wand lipgloss tubes. As long as your packaging designer puts design files into the tube template, you can create a perfect packaging design file. We then printed the design on the tube case. In order to make the lip gloss paper tube more attractive to people, you can make a rich surface treatment on the surface of the cardboard tube. For example, embossing the convex brand logo, so that people can touch your brand. Doing UV varnish on face of color pictures will make the pictures look more shining. Hot gilding or hot silver can make the key slogan more eye-catching.

This makeup lipgloss private label tubes are available in a variety of capacities. Such as 4ml lip gloss tubes, 5ml lip gloss tubes, and 10ml lip gloss tubes. The size of each lip gloss bottle will be slightly different. Our paper tube size can perfectly fit the inner plastic lip gloss bottle accessories. Each lip gloss tube has a small plastic stopper. We will not install this plug on the tube. After you filling the lip gloss liquid, cover the bottom nozzle with this small plastic stopper. This can effectively prevent the lip gloss liquid from overflowing when not in use.

In fact, the production of lip gloss tubes is the same as the production of eyelash tubes. The lip gloss tube and the eyelash tube are only different from the inner brush. We can also produce high-quality paper eyelash tubes for you. Cheap wholesale custom cardboard lipgloss packaging or cardboard eyelash packaging tube bulk.


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