Cardboard loose powder sifter jar (RB152)

  • eco friendly cosmetic loose powder jar container
  • empty container for loose powder
  • custom printed cardboard loose powder container
  • loose setting powder empty container
  • biodegradable paperboard loose powder private label
  • custom cosmetic loose powder packaging

This is a loose powder jar with sifter made of 100% paper material. This paper packaging minimizes the impact on the environment, reduces carbon emissions. It can effectively protect the global environment when used in large quantities. The paper loose powder sifter jar is a very safe and stable packaging, which helps to maintain the stability of the puff's ingredients and ensure people's healthy use. The container capacity/size can be customized as needed, and any color design can be printed on the surface. Custom production MOQ 1000pcs.

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Do you want your cosmetic loose powder products to look different from similar products? Do you want your cosmetic products to look more environmentally friendly than regular loose powder products? Or do you want your loose powder jar to look safer and cruelty-free than regular products? We recommend you to try our 100% paper material loose powder jar with sifter.

We use 100% paper material to produce the cardboard loose cosmetic powder jar. Compared with ordinary plastic powder cans, its biggest feature is that it is natural and environmentally friendly, which greatly reduces the impact on the natural environment. Special paper packaging jars can show the environmental responsibility of cosmetic companies and fulfill the mission of protecting the environment.

Paper material is a natural material, strong, light and stable. The Paper material cosmetic loose powder jar with sifter made of paper material is very safe, non-poisonous and odorless. It would not cover up the fragrance of the loose powder at all. The loose powder paper box is a safe-to-use packaging. There are no sharp edges and corners like glass jars, or plastic jars when broken. The paper loose powder jar is very safe for children, especially suitable as a children’s loose powder jar packaging.

You don’t have to worry about the performance of the sifter top made of paper material. We produce loose powder jars with a good paper sifter top. The paper sifter top is evenly distributed with an array of sieve holes. It can make the sieve holes into different diameters according to the design. When using, clients can pour out the loose powder evenly. To prevent loose powder from coming out from the paper sifter top during transportation, we will stick a circular removable sticker to cover the sifter top hole. When consumers buy a powder puff product, they can safely pour out loose powder as long as he peels off the sticker.

Custom make your own cardboard loose powder jar with sifter

Empty loose powder container capacity can be customized according to your needs, whether you need a 30g powder puff container or a 50g powder puff container, we can produce it for you. It can custom print the surface of the jar with your own unique design content. We can produce paper brush tube packaging for your matching cosmetic brushes.

If you need to customize these eco-friendly paper jars for loose powder, please don’t hesitate to inquire us. Our sales staff will help you customize your unique cosmetic loose powder packaging.

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