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Custom Cosmetic Box Beauty Packaging – Empty Cosmetic Paper Boxes Wholesale

Paper cosmetic box packaging provides a high-quality and attractive way to protect and display cosmetics products. It is typically made of sturdy, high-quality paper, such as cardstock, coated paper, or different types of colored/grained fancy paper. Cosmetics packaging boxes provide a rigid and durable structure for the cosmetic product. Paper cosmetic boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It may include features such as ribbons, foam inserts, and clear plastic windows to enhance the presentation of the product. Paper packaging is an important part of the overall packaging and branding of a cosmetic product. It is often decorated with colorful graphics and elegant designs to attract consumer attention and add value to the product. Additionally, paper packaging is often more sustainable and eco-friendly than other types of materials.

If you are looking for a quality cosmetic packaging supplier, is your best choice. We can customize high-quality cosmetic packaging for you to make your cosmetics packaging more high-end and luxurious. We have produced various box structures and various creatively designed paper packaging boxes. You can refer to the examples of various packaging boxes displayed on our official website. Choose a box sample you like, and tell us. We can custom-produce similar paper cosmetic containers for you.

A variety of rich surface treatments is an excellent catalyst for enhancing the attractiveness of eco friendly cosmetic packaging. Such as the embossing process, hot stamping process, and hot stamping process.  The use of special papers of various colors and textures as the face paper of cosmetic boxes is conducive to creating a unique brand image. We mass produce all kinds of cosmetic custom packaging boxes. Such as skincare packaging, makeup packaging, beauty product boxes, facial mask packaging, nail polish packaging, custom lipstick boxes, eyelash boxes, and so on.

Paper Eyeshadow Palette Private Label OEM Produce (GB58)

The surface of this magnetic eyeshadow palette is printed with a marble design. The empty eyeshadow box is made of 100% paper and is green packaging. It has a clamshell magnetic structure。 Consumers can easily open and close the eyeshadow box without huge vibration. The box surface can be printed with the customer's customized color pattern design and rich surface treatment decoration. The size and thickness can be customized according to the size of the eye shadow metal gadget. We have a dedicated paper eye shadow box production workshop, which can produce all kinds of customized rigid cardboard eye shadow boxes with high quality, low price, and fast speed. MOQ is 1000pcs, and the larger the order quantity, the cheaper it is.

Custom Printing Biodegradable Cosmetic Tubes Packaging (RB57)

Paper round tube boxes be made with 100% natural paper material, good safer packaging for natural cosmetic makeup tint, deodorant, lip gloss, solid essential oil .etc. Custom size and custom printing private design available.

Custom Printing Paper Deodorant Tube Containers (RB56)

Eco push up paper tube packaging is a good way to directly pack shear butters, lip balm and other oil-based solids with biodegradable paper packaging.With help of waterproof biodegradable film on inside of tube box, it is 100% recyclable paperboard package that directly houses oil-based solids such as shear butter, solid perfume or balm without any synthetic jar or tube. This round paepr tube box containers can be custom sized to accommodate any volume of solid cream product.

Custom Printed Paper Lip Balm Tube Packaging (RB132)

Roll up style or called twist up style paper round tube box for lipstick, lip balm or deodorant cream. Paperboard tube material + plastic twist up core component. Colorful design printing on box case available.

Empty Deodorant Paper Tube Packaging (RB53)

Push up style paper cylinder deodorant box be made of 100% recyclable paper board and biodegradable film, ensure eco friendly and biodegradable. Custom tube box size fit for client's own products. Box be printed with client's own design.

Paperboard twist up lip stick tubes container (RB144)

These are customized cardboard cosmetic lipstick empty tubes. It can print client's custom design on the round tube container case. With inside twist up core tube, people can use the lipstick by roll up the tubes. Have cheap price as from lipstick packaging wholesale vender directly. This empty lip stick tubes also can be used as lip balm container, lip gloss box .etc. Free tube template provide for design available.

Custom Advent Calendar Packaging Box For Skin Store (GB07)

Large square calendar paper box with inside small drawer boxes. Good storage boxes for 12 Miracles of beauty. MOQ: 500pcs

Small Cardboard Lid And Base Box With Flocking Blister Tray (GB15)

Lid and base box is a kind of shoulder box, composed of 2 separated parts. The paper box at right is for serum bottle packaing with blister, we do almost every kinds gift packaging box for cosmetics usage, and we provide free transportation to your assigned bottle supplier within Guangdong

Gold Logo Paper Gift Card Box Packaging (CB08)

White card box foiled with gold edges, printing inside, makes this different to others. Barcodes above easy for supermarket and retail. This box is mainly for cosmetics products, such as serum bottle, skincare related, lipsticks

Empty Square Paper Eye Lash Box Packaging (GB20)

Mini empty rectangle paper box for lash packaging, is a very simple magnetic closure (clamshell box) box, with blister tray inside to keep lashes in shape and long healthy. Window of PVC on it allows consumer review the lashes before purchase. Contact us and custom your lash box at a very cheap prices.

Empty Cosmetic Packaging Paperbox Containers (GB35)

This gold paper cosmetic packaging is customized to display the perfume inside, with special openning in front, people have a good look. Widely used in jewelry packaging like earring packaging, watch packaging and something of elegance, nice crafts

Custom Cardboard Paper Flip Lid Cosmetic Box (GB39)

Magnetic box as its opening structure, lets consumers see and test what they wanna to purchase, used in cosmetics packaging usually. See what we do.

Lip Gloss Tube Box Packaging Container (RB45)

Biodegradable paper board lip gloss | lip balm | lipstick tube box with inner plastic rotate key tube. Easy to fill tube with lip balm or lipstick and easy to use. Box case can be printed with client's private own design.

Custom Paper Tube Containers For Perfume Bottle (RB37)

Small round cardboard boxes full color printing paper tube for USB cable, print your own logo on small cardboard tube box.

Black Paper Tube Packaging Box For Cosmetic Bottles (RB33)

Cosmetic bottle packaging boxes wholesale from China imprezziv paper packaging inc.

Custom Matt Black Paper Cosmetic Jars Boxes Containers (RB32)

Cosmetic packaging jar containers for makeup skincare bottle wholesale, welcome inquiry and tray a sample and you'll see our good quality.

Luxury Perfume Packaging Jar Box For Cosmetic Glass Bottle (RB30)

OEM paper board round tube box packaging for glass perfume oil bottles