Empty Deodorant Paper Tube Packaging

  • empty deodorant container stick
  • biodegradable deodorant container
  • paper deodorant container
  • deodorant container biodegradable
  • paper board small deodorant container

Push up style paper cylinder deodorant box be made of 100% recyclable paper board and biodegradable film, ensure eco friendly and biodegradable. Custom tube box size fit for client's own products. Box be printed with client's own design.


Major custom professional in producing deodorant paper tube packaging for many years, eco friendly deodorant push up paper tubes or roll up deodorant paper tubes packaging.

Deodorant paper tubes be made of 100% recyclable all paperboard and inside biodegradable film, good for packing oil-based solids deodorant or solid perfume. The deodorant paper container tubes can be made with custom size to accommodate virtually any volume of product, and custom printing client’s private logo brand design on box case.