Empty Deodorant Paper Tube Packaging (RB53)

  • biodegradable deodorant container
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Push up style paper cylinder deodorant box be made of 100% recyclable paper board and biodegradable film, ensure eco friendly and biodegradable. Custom tube box size fit for client's own products. Box be printed with client's own design.


Similar to lipstick, deodorant is a solid creamy makeup product. People directly apply the deodorant cream to the skin and directly contact the skin. So they particularly hope that the deodorant cream they use is naturally safe and does not cause allergic reactions when applied to the skin. How can a natural deodorant be different from ordinary deodorant before consumers buy it? At this time, you can choose a similarly natural and environmentally friendly packaging box to transfer your products-paper push-type cylinder deodorant cream box, or called deodorant paper tube packaging.

The features of the solid deodorant paper tube packaging

The push-type paper deodorizing tube is made of 100% pure paper material. It is a recyclable and easily degradable packaging box. You can choose the appropriate cylinder size according to the amount of deodorant cream you need. Such as 5oz, 10oz, 20oz. In order to facilitate the fingers to push the deodorant paste into the paper tube from the bottom, the inner diameter of the paper tube is generally not less than 20mm. In order to prevent the cover from touching the deodorizing paste when the cylinder cover is closed, the height of the cylinder cover must be at least 5mm larger than the neck of the bottom paper. Then we draw the paper tube box template dieline to give you design documents. You can design rich and colorful design patterns. And we can print your designs on the outer surface of the round carton.

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The biggest feature of this cylindrical carton is that the cardboard disc at the bottom of the round box is movable (not fixed). During use, consumers can push the bottom paper disc to slowly push the deodorant cream up for use. And the wafer we made is very tight. You don’t have to worry about the liquid deodorant coming out of the bottom when filling the liquid deodorant. Because the thick liquid deodorant itself has great tension. When filling the deodorant paste, you only need to melt the deodorant paste. And then slowly introduce the liquid deodorant paste into the paper tube box. After the deodorizing cream has cooled and solidified, it can be covered with a round box lid and packaged for sale.

Where to order cylinder deodorant cardboard tube box

Major custom professional in producing deodorant paper tube packaging for many years. We can produce both eco friendly deodorant push up paper tubes or roll up deodorant paper tubes packaging. The material of deodorant paper tubes is 100% recyclable all paperboard and has biodegradable film inside, good for packing oil-based solids deodorant or solid perfume. We can make the deodorant paper container tubes with custom size to accommodate virtually any volume of product. And custom printing client’s private logo brand design on box case. If you do want to bespoke your private deodorant cardboard paper tube packaging, please feel free to email us.

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