Packaging is one of the most important links in the production and marketing of modern goods. The quality of packaging is directly related to the value of the goods in the market. Packaging not only gives the product a unique personality, but also establishes a perfect visual image for the product; packaging is the self-presentation of the product to the customer, which has become the consumer ’s judgment Prerequisites for quality. Now let’s see what’s the packaging design trends going with the development of society.

Authenticity and security packaging design trends

Commodity packaging under the e-commerce environment includes not only physical packaging of goods for transportation, storage and use, but also digital packaging of goods for purchase and promotion.

  1. Improve the authenticity of packaging. When consumers buy commodities in an e-commerce environment, they mostly rely on the digital packaging of the commodities they see visually. To stand out from a large number of similar products, it is necessary to display all the information of the products in a real and effective way. And instantly attract the attention of consumers. Commodities can be displayed in multiple orientations using elements such as layout, colors, pictures, text, and images. Through the packaging design of multiple elements, the product and the packaging are integrated into one. So that consumers can understand the product information in detail from multiple angles, and promote the purchase decision of consumers.
  2. Strengthen packaging safety. Reasonable packaging structure can reduce external impact and pressure and enhance the elasticity of the packaging container. In order to ensure that the goods arrive safely in the hands of consumers after a long journey, the appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the characteristics of the goods. And a reasonable packaging structure should be adopted. The form and use of the product are different, and the required degree of safety is also different. For example, fragile products such as it can place glass products in a carton with an inflatable bag or other bubble films for protection. Clothing and books that are not easy to damage use plastic directly Bag packaging and so on. Like some designers specially designed a child-proof unlocking device on the cylindrical packaging box. This design is very suitable for product packagings such as electronic cigarette product packaging, or hemp product packaging that is not suitable for children.
child resistant rounded paper tube

Green and Eco-friendly packaging design trends

In the development process of packaging design, it has facilitated our human life, but also accelerated the consumption of natural resources and energy, and environmental pollution. Air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, food pollution, etc. have threatened the ecological balance and human life and health. To this day, things that waste resources and energy in packaging design still happen from time to time. Such as excessive packaging, deceptive packaging, and so on.

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Environmental issues are the focus of our attention today. “Low-carbon environmental protection concept” or “green design concept” is a design concept that we must follow in packaging design and even the entire design community. The first consideration for packaging designers in the design process is that they need to comply with the current low-carbon environmental protection concept. In the choice of materials, try to choose some materials that can be degraded, regenerated, or recyclable. In the design process, we must also grasp the design scale.

Traditional Culture package design

In the history of packaging design development, traditional culture and ideas have a certain guiding significance for packaging. In the design of packaging in different regions, packaging designers should fully consider factors such as culture, customs, language, and faith in different regions. Commodity packaging that meets regional characteristics.

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All countries in the modern world attach great importance to the promotion of their own culture and integrate their culture into their designs, reflecting their own characteristics. In doing so, it will improve the recognition of the nation ’s commodities on the international market. And at the same time, it will also strengthen the ethnic aesthetic characteristics. The Chinese culture is broad and profound. The combination of product packaging design and Chinese traditional culture can not only provide rich elements for packaging design but also shape packaging works with Chinese characteristics.

High tech packaging design trends

Application of high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology. Now, you can see all kinds of counterfeit and shoddy goods everywhere. Disrupting the normal market order and seriously hurt the interests of production enterprises. Some companies are also trying their best to protect their rights from infringement. The development of high technology provides conditions for the realization and development of our anti-counterfeiting work. We can use printed materials and modern anti-counterfeiting technology to print anti-counterfeiting patterns on the surface of the package. We can also use micro text or two-color number design and other hidden secret designs or use anti-counterfeiting ink printing to prevent anti-counterfeiting.

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Application of high-tech packaging materials. At present, high-tech materials are usually compounded by functional materials. Such as photoelectric, thermal, moisture, and gas sensors. Reasonably combine such materials and packaging design to display some important parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, sealing degree and time of the packaging space. So as to enhance the safety warning of products, attract consumers, preserve freshness and extend the shelf life, environmental protection and Savings.

Humanized concept packaging design

The well-known Dupont’s law states that about 63% of consumers decide whether to purchase goods based on the packaging of the goods. Promoting product sales is one of the most important functional concepts of packaging design. You can see that in the shopping process of consumers, the product packaging naturally acts as a silent advertisement or a silent salesman. If the product packaging design can attract the attention of the majority of consumers and fully stimulate their desire to buy, then the packaging design really reflects the promotion concept. Commodity packaging not only represents an entity that carries and protects commodities but also has the functions of conveying commodity culture to consumers and enhancing added value.

Excellent packaging design must be suitable for the storage, transportation, exhibition, and carrying and opening of consumers. For this reason, in the design of product packaging, it is necessary to make the box structure proportionally, rigorously structured, and exquisitely shaped. Striving to achieve the function of the box structure Complete and exquisite appearance, suitable for production, sales and even use. Common commodity packaging structures are mainly portable, hanging, open, windowed, closed, or a combination of several forms.

What's the Modern product packaging design trends!
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What's the Modern product packaging design trends!
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