Round paper boxes are also called paper cylinders, paper cans, paper tubes, paper jar packaging .etc. The paper cylinder box is a cylindrical package, belonging to the field of sealed packaging. The utility round box is consists of a cylindrical box body and a lid that are open at both ends. The lid covers the opening of the two ends of the box body, the edge at the opening of the two ends of the box body is curled inward to form a hook. The lid is a circular sheet member. The edge of the sheet member is curled toward the center, and the lid is fastened to the hook inside the case. Compared with the traditional hand or machine gluing process, it has the advantages of no energy waste and the beautiful appearance of the sealing. Compared with the traditional bonding process, no glue is needed, it is very environmentally friendly, and the need for manual completion is eliminated. The process greatly improves efficiency. The production of cylinder packaging boxes is mainly divided into coiled tubes, pipe cutting, labeling, slitting, capping, assembly, etc.

papercylinder produce process

Paper cans category:

1. According to the purpose of the points, that is, what to install inside. At present, there are many tea cans, food cans, wine cans, written cans, calendar cans and so on. Among them, wine cans are the most common, with paper tubes attached to the standard, the appearance is exquisite so that the wine can not help but raise a grade, and the paper cans with pearl cotton, styrofoam plays a very good protective effect on the wine.

2. According to the shape, the shape is now more on the market there are drums, square barrels, flat barrels, prismatic barrels. Among them, drums are the most common. Nowadays, many supermarkets use red drums, which are both beautiful and generous.

square shape round corner tubes

3. According to the box ends style, it can be divided into crimping cylinder box and flat-side cylinder box.
The crimping cylinder box is one end of the cylinder which is crimped, and the crimping can be pressed by a crimping machine and then the circular negative film can be advanced. The production efficiency is higher and the cost is more affordable.

crimping ends tube paper can

The flat-bottomed cylinder box is the top of the cylinder or the bottom of the cylinder is flat, and the cylinder box looks more natural and beautiful. However, it is necessary to manually package the box paper, which requires more manual labor, and the cost is higher than that of the crimped cylinder box. Flat ends round tube box usually used for large diameter box which can not do crimping ends such as large round flower boxes. Or some luxury round gift box such as round jewellery box, round watch box .etc.

flat ends round gift tube

Paper box packaging advantages:

Paper cans are based on paper, so recycling is easy. Excellent protection performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, and a certain insulation effect. It is odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, and is especially suitable for food packaging. It can be filled with goods of various shapes and has low noise when filling. The styling structure is diverse, and the outer layer can be color-printed, which has a good display effect. The quality is light, only 30% of the iron cans, easy to circulate, easy to use, and low in price.

Paper can packaging box disadvantages:

Paper cans use paper as the main raw material, so it is relatively affected by the humidity of the air. It will be affected by the humidity and shrinkage, which will affect the appearance and performance of the package. The volume of the paper can is relatively large, which is a bit high for transportation costs, and the transportation process needs to be prone to crushing.

Paper can packaging development prospects:

Paper can packaging belongs to a new type of industry and is still in the growth stage with a bright future. There are many industries for paper packaging applications, and the price is low, so the usage will be larger and larger. The production cost of paper cans is low, the production process is non-toxic, tasteless, no wastewater, waste gas, waste generation, and it is an environmentally-friendly production advocated, so it is a promising industry.
Ordinary paper cans can not meet the requirements of liquids, and can not directly contain liquid cosmetics, beverages, and other liquid products. But the emerging composite paper cans solve this shortboard. The composite paper can not only be well filled with powdery products such as milk powder, tea powder, cereal, coffee powder, etc., and can even directly hold various solid beverages. For example, in the United States, Japan, and other countries, a large number of composite paper tube packaging is used as a variety of concentrated citrus juice and soft drink packaging.

The cylinder box is suitable for packaging of various products, such as:

Gift paper tube: round ring paper box, paper round necklace box, paper cylindrical brooch box, round headgear gift box, round watch paper tube,.etc.Cosmetic paper cans: perfume paper tube, cylinder essential oil packaging box, round mask powder carton, mascara round carton; Children’s stationery toy products paper cans: cylinder building blocks, pen holder round boxes, round card packaging boxes; Food paper cans: cylindrical wine boxes, tea cans, round biscuit boxes, food-grade chocolate paper tubes, baking powder containers;
Electrical paper cans: cylindrical hair clipper packaging box, round hair dryer packaging box, round hair curler packaging box;
Electronic paper cans: LED candlelight packaging paper tube, round electronic watch packaging box, paper earphone round box, LED paper tube, etc.;
Garment paper cans: round underwear boxes, underwear packaging boxes, socks round tubes; Daily necessities paper cans: round aromatherapy boxes, incense boxes, wallpaper paper tube packaging, calendar packaging boxes, and other paper cans;
Cultural supplies packaging paper cans: stationery round packaging boxes, round glasses boxes, etc.;

round paper gift boxes
Custom made cylinder paper box has widely usage
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Custom made cylinder paper box has widely usage
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