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Custom design printing food grade round paper snack box. Custom tubes size design available to fit your needs. This tube box consists of food-grade paper material and printing with soybean ink. Colored sample making available. MOQ: 1000pcs.


The most important thing about food packaging boxes is its safety. Now it can be well demonstrated by choosing food-grade cylinder paper cartons box. Paper cylindrical cartons box is manufactured from paper. And we know paper is the most environmentally friendly and safe material currently used by human beings. Paper is mainly made of natural wood pulp. It’s Non-toxic and odorless and has no effect on human health during use. Paper-made package and box does not have any impact on food safety, nor does it bring food odor or taste at all. Even when used up and discarded, it can be degraded naturally, no pollute the environment. It is very suitable for wide promotion. We strongly suggest you kids snack box if you’re now searching for packaging box for your dessert, sweets snacks or chocolate food.

Food-grade cylinders kids snack box are made of food-grade white card rolls into paper tubes. It can print customers’own design contents to the surface of boxes. The round snack tube packaging box is printed with food-grade soybean ink so that even babies can get food boxes to play safely. You can design exquisite color food patterns and print them on the front of the cylinder box. Consumers will know the delicious snacks and desserts when they see the exquisite food patterns. In order to prevent moisture and prolong the shelf life of food, you can put snacks, chocolates, candies or other food products into a sealed small plastic bag first. Then put them into the circular paper snack box.

Round food box size can be customized, you can design the size according to the actual situation. You can design and make the round paper tubes small and convenient for children to hold. Or design it big size to hold more snacks for a couple during watching a movie. People feel very comfortable to hold the cylinder snack box in hand because the overall shape is circular.

Major Cusm specializes in manufacturing various types of cylindrical food boxes. We can provide free samples for you to see the high quality of our products. If you need custom carton packaging to pack your food and promote sales, please contact us by email.

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