Oval Paper Tube Packaging For Perfume Bottle (RB84)

Oval Paper Tube Packaging For Perfume Bottle (RB84)

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Flat oval packaging box, mainly made of paper, is a green packaging. It can custom make the oval shape fit for products. Also can custom printing client's own design (product slogan or company logo). Insert EVA try protect glass bottle nicely.


Compared to square or round, the oval is more convenient for people to hold and more ergonomic. Therefore, packaging designers design many glass cosmetics perfume bottles or wine bottles in an oval shape. The oval paper tube box also has an oval appearance, which can be matched well with an oval perfume bottle as a high-end perfume bottle packaging box. Like the oval perfume glass bottle, the oval packaging carton is very ergonomic and easy for consumers to hold.

Creative packaging design – oval paper tube

The picture above shows a pink oval perfume carton. The outer paper of the oval tube is pink special paper, and the overall appearance is pink with girlish feelings. The paper tube is a 0.8mm thick white cardboard tube. The bottom box contains a white EVA that fits an oval paper tube and an oval glass perfume bottle. The interior design is white and fresh, highlighting the exquisite fragrance product. Because of the white EVA, the oval perfume bottle can stand on the cylindrical bottom box steadily, which protects the perfume bottle very well. It can prevent the oval glass bottles from fragile by rigid tube box and the soft EVA even in bumpy truck transportation.

The oval ribbon lid has a pink ribbon flower knot on it. It is a good embellishment to the overall paper oval jar, like a little girl with a braid on her head. You can also design other small objects to decorate the box. Such as bows, ribbons with advertising banners and so on.

Exquisite product packaging can arouse consumer interest and even cause consumers to make purchase decisions and promote sales. High-grade oval tube boxes can increase the value of perfume products, making consumers feel that this is a high-end perfume product, increasing corporate profits. If you need to customize a high-end perfume box, please email us and our salesman will dock with you.

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