Nowadays, humanized designing, green designing, interactive designing, personalized designing, etc., many design concepts are increasingly enriching the packaging design. The packaging design has not focused only on the functionality of the package, but also on the development of society and changes in consumer demand. It is more diverse in the creativity of design and expression techniques.

Emotional design is meant to express a certain taste through design techniques. So that the design works are full of emotions or lively and cute or humorous or noble and elegant or simple and natural.

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The principle of fun packaging design

1. Respond to market and sales requirements. An interesting package must understand consumer psychology and understand the market trend to create a newer, more interesting, and more compelling packaging design.

2. Visual and tactile aesthetics. Exquisite appearance is crucial for product sales. In addition to the visual beauty of the product packaging, we also have to consider the aesthetic sense of touch. The delicate and smooth surface or the wavy texture transmit certain specific emotional properties. It can increase the consumer’s preference for the product.

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3. Convenience. The interesting creative packaging design should not only reflect the ease of use of the consumer use process, but also the set of processes such as manufacturers, warehouse carriers, agent sellers, etc.

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4. Green packaging. When designing fun packaging, avoid over-packaging and try to choose reusable or recyclable materials that are easy to recycle and don’t pollute the environment.

Expression way of fun packaging designing

Generally, the text and graphics in packaging design can reproduce the information accurately. But sometimes it is inevitable to give people a feeling of stiffness and cold, and erotic expression. You can design an interesting package and put consumers in a state of ease and fun feeling to receive information.

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Bionic design was mainly used in product design in the beginning and gradually used in various designs. The main content is biomorphic design, which is based on the recognition of the typical external characteristics of animals, plants, microorganisms and humans. Induction, analysis, synthesis, refinement, and other artistic means convert external features into specific modeling languages to achieve advancements and innovations in product form.

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The bionics of products packaging design is mainly based on the shape of certain animals and plants. Mimics the shape of animals and plants makes the package designing not only a visual sense of the shape natural but also practical and artistic value.

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Cartoon modeling packaging design

Comic design is a special design method that combines comic style and comic fantasy and promotes an entertaining life. Mix people’s attitudes towards life and enjoy life in the style of product modeling. In entertaining creative packages, the comic design style is mainly used for the graphic and shape designs of certain food packages. Making the products more distinctive, more typical and more emotional.

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Reasonably guide visual illusion

Erotic packaging design takes bionic designing and cartoon designing in package style. It also uses optical illusion to make packaging product appearance effect. Interesting photo Optical illusion refers to the viewer’s erroneous feeling that the character is incompatible with objective facts under the influence of objective factors or his own psychological factors.

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Interactive experience

Creative packaging design shows an interest in appearance. Also allows consumers to gradually participate in packaging design. Building an interactive relationship with packaging so that consumers can have a creative experience. unexpectedly during use.

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This interactive design aims to create a closer relationship between products and consumers. Through the implementation of package materials and package methods, creating an interactive relationship. And breaking the previous pattern of one-sided information transfer.

The entertaining packaging design presents people with its original and unique shape and various forms of expression. It meets the functional and artistic requirements of the packaging design itself. Also meets the emotional and spiritual needs of people.

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Correct and sensible application of fun design to packaging design can increase product affinity and significantly increase the added value of the product.

Emotional packaging design thoughts
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