what’s paper round flower box?

The packaging gift box is constantly updated, and the flower gift box has quickly won the hearts of many young people. The delicate and creative Paperboard round flower box is becoming more and more popular. Many times, surprises or first feelings are very important. A beautiful flower box can attract girls’ love. Romantic and beautiful packaging, let the recipient feel the fairy tale feeling loved by the hand! A friend once bought a cylindrical flower box for her. Covered in a delicate flower box paper bag, his girlfriend began to ask if it was a cake. The moment my friend opened the lid, the girlfriend who received the flower was pleasantly surprised!

pink big round flower box

Why choose a cylindrical flower box?

The cylindrical flower box is beautiful in shape and suitable for holding.
The round paper flower box has a cylindrical shape and a beautiful appearance. Because it is round, girls can easily hold it, just like holding a bucket flower box. A girl is holding a clean pot of flowers in her arms, and her nose just smells bursts of flowers, which is a wonderful and happy thing for her.

paper packaging decorative round flower hat boxes

I. Paper cylinder gift flower box is cheap.

A bunch of flowers is large, so the size of the flower box is relatively large. If custom-made acrylic flower box and wooden material flower box, the price of flower box generally needs 3 ~ 6 USD. Depending on the size, a paper cylinder flower box usually costs only $ 1.5 to $ 3. The price of paper cylinder flower box is generally 50% of the price of acrylic flower box of the same volume, and 30% of wooden flower box. Cylindrical flower boxes have a high level of automation, while square flower boxes require a lot of manual work. Paper cylinder flower boxes are also 30% cheaper than square paper gift flower boxes.

II. Paper round flower box environmental protection

The material of the cylindrical paper flower box is paper, and paper is the most natural and environmentally friendly among the packaging materials. Degradation of iron, plastic, and glass requires decades or even tens of thousands of years. And the degradation period of paper materials often only takes tens of days and months. In the process of producing paper cylinder packaging boxes from paper, no emit waste, and the impact on the environment is small.

III. The cylindrical flower box is reusable.

Cylindrical flower boxes often have relatively large diameters. Large-diameter cylindrical flower boxes range in diameter from 15cm to 40cm, and flower box heights generally range from 17cm to 40cm. After purchasing flowers, the customer can save the cylindrical flower box as a home storage box even if the flowers have withered after a period of time. Who would just throw away a big, beautiful, big paper cylinder? People can use cylindrical flower boxes to hold children’s toys, snacks, and small household items. And a flower box with a large flower box manufacturer’s logo placed on the cabinet or desktop is itself a free advertisement for this flower box manufacturer. And this advertisement is long-term, because the cylindrical flower box is too practical as a home storage box.

How to customize a custom cylinder flower box?

The production of cylindrical flower boxes is similar to the production of general cylindrical flower boxes, but the diameter of the cylindrical flower boxes is much larger than that of the ordinary cylindrical box packaging. We know that the mold cost of the cylindrical box is proportional to the diameter, and the round flower box requires a huge mold cost due to the large diameter. We have existing molds in various sizes from 2cm to 40cm in diameter. Therefore, we can use the existing large-diameter cylindrical molds that are very close to the size of the flower box according to the customer’s needs. The production process of the cylindrical flower box includes:

black paper flower box with round hat

a. Design choice of cylinder flower box size

What size paper cylinder flower box do I need? If I want my cylindrical flower box to hold 16 roses, how big should I design a round flower box?
You can customize the round flower box of any size. We can design and produce any flower box according to the size you need. Youcan determine the height of the round box according to the height of your flower products. Determing the diameter of the round box by the size of your flowers and the number of flowers that need to be installed in each cylindrical box. Below is the diameter of the general rose flower box cylinder and the number of flowers in each cylinder for your reference.

  • 169-173mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 15-20pcs
  • 198-203mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 20-25pcs
  • 220-223mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 25-30pcs
  • 242-247mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 30-35pcs
  • 300-316mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 35-38pcs
  • 341-347mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 40-50pcs
  • 353-375mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 60-80pcs
  • 400-406mm OD x customer H Roses qty: 100pcs
paperboard round hat flower box procedure

b. Raw paper material prepare for the round shape flowers box

The round carton is composed of an inner round tube core and an outer cover paper. It spirally rolls the round tube paper core by a roll of paper. The outer paper is the same as a normal paper gift box. It can be plain paper directly. According to the type of flower cylinder box, the main roll papers include kraft roll paper, white cardboard roll paper, and black cardboard roll paper. The face paper can be art paper, kraft paper, black cardboard, special paper, etc. Some flower boxes also have accessories such as ribbons, bows, sponge inner holders.

c. Raw paper tube pipe production

According to the height of the box body and the height of the cover of the round flower box, our paper packaging engineer can draw a special paper tube cutting die line. Then cut the long round paper tube into round tubes of the required length.

d. Printing the case

Making the film version according to the customer’s design, and then offset printing the round flower box case paper. Because the size of the cylindrical flower box is often large, the face paper is also large. Generally use folio presses or even full-fed presses. Many times, considering the saving of printing costs, it can design the cylindrical flower box as a white round flower box or a black round flower box. In this way, you can directly wrap the cylinder box with white or black paper without printing, and then hot stamping logo and some company names and web addresses on the flower box.

e. Paste printing paper

After cutting the paper cans and printing the tissue paper, then it can cover glue the paper tube with tissue paper. Wrapping paper requires the careful operation of skilled packaging line workers. The wrapping paper process needs to pay attention to the position of the wrapping paper must be accurate and flat without wrinkles. The glue needs to be uniform and there is no overflow. At the end of the process, arranging QC personnel to pick out the defective products. After the box is glued and mounted, the cylindrical flower box is basically formed. Sometimes you need to add a flower box ribbon.

f. Quality Inspection

After produce the cylindrical flower box, the QC personnel of the company need to check the quality of the box. Discard some obviously poor quality products, and some minor quality problems need to be rework to repair. Until the end all the flower box products are qualified.

g. Packing the round hat flower box

The last step is to box the flower box. Most of the customers we face are from the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands and other foreign customers. All packaging products need to be exported, so we need to choose a firm export carton. Usually use K = A or K = K for the carton. In order to prevent the boxes from scratching during transportation, scratch paper can be added between the round boxes, and even independent transparent tape can be added.

What classic cylinder flower boxes can I refer to?

paperboard gift flower boxes

Modern packaging designers have designed a variety of beautiful cylindrical flower boxes. If you think about economy, white round flower box with golden logo or black round flower box with golden logo is a good choice. Because pure white flower box or pure black cylinder flower box can use white paper or black paper instead of printing, saving printing costs.

white paperboard round hat flower box
black paperboard round gift flower box

Some round paper box for flower adding ribbon handle. People can lift the flower box more easily with the ribbon handle. And it decorate the flower hat box more luxury.

round flower rose box

Some round flower gift box has clear PVC window on the hat. People can see the inside flowers without open the flower box cap.

clear window round gift flower box
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