The package design is mainly reflected in:

  1. Design ability, including keen observation, high memory, and rich imagination.
  2. Performance ability, including proficient modeling ability, vivid color matching ability, and a set of formal composition skills and methods.
  3. Aesthetic ability, including the experience of life materials, choice and appreciation of art, identification and other aspects of cultivation.
  4. Adaptability, including adapting to consumers, market popularity, and changes in production processes and requirements.
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Packaging designers should be familiar with the principles of aesthetics, understand the laws of aesthetics. Making every effort to make their designs suitable for the beauty of society, the beauty of the masses, and the beauty of the times. The concept of analysis is the soul of design. The so-called concept refers to the designer’s thinking and brewing before the design. The use of objects, functions, materials and other process production conditions need to be conceived. The so-called mind-bearing, the intention is to write first, then the pen can be written into a chapter.

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Conceived procedure

Although different packaging designers have different ideas and ways of thinking, from the perspective of most people’s creative experience, they can be roughly divided into three stages:

  • In the preparation stage, based on the design requirements, on the basis of the original data observation and feelings, carry out preliminary analysis, research, and imagination, and at the same time put forward a variety of design hypotheses.
  • In the selection stage, the designer makes a comprehensive analysis and comparison of the initial ideas and intentions, selects the most ideal plan favorably. And further makes specific incubation, so that the design image is gradually clear and specific.
  • Completion stage, the conception and design practice activities at this stage are inseparable. And the complete conception intention is expressed in the concrete image and the overall relationship. Therefore, conception is a process of repeated understanding and the whole process of implementation and design.
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Systematic thinking

The concept of package design is like a complex engineering system. What kind of materials does it include? What kind of image do you create? And what kind of colors are configured? Also what emotions are expressed? At the same time, it also includes considerations of factors such as use function, consumer objects, process requirements, and material selection. We can break down the idea into three single items of information:

  1. Styling, material man-made shape, natural shape, traditional patterns, technological patterns, etc .; modeling style deformation, abstraction, freehand drawing, etc .; technique points, lines, and surfaces.
  2. Color, contrast hue, brightness, purity, warm and cold, area, etc., harmonic approximation, similarity, sameness, order, etc.
  3. Organization, plane structure and three-dimensional structure.
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Natural revelation

There are many things and phenomena in nature, such as a cloud, a stone, a drop of water, a butterfly, etc. From which the designer makes meticulous observations and in-depth analysis, he will also be inspired by ideas and develop new ideas.

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Revelation of traditional art

From simple folk art to luxurious palace decoration; from classical garden architecture to world-famous Dunhuang art; and from Neolithic pottery to modern Jingdezhen porcelain; also from lacquer decoration to weaving embroidery patterns, the outstanding cultural heritage of the Chinese nation is ours today The best template. Similarly, foreign traditional and modern decorative arts and painting arts, if we study their laws seriously, will certainly improve our ability to conceive.

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Music and writing inspiration

Although music and literary words do not have visual images themselves, they can make people connect and imagine, evoke the feeling of beauty. The mood and sentiment expressed by music and literary words can also enlighten the idea of ​​patterns and plastic arts.

Accidental revelation

The application of modern science and technology, special tools, special materials, and special techniques not only greatly enrich the expressive means of design, but at the same time, the special effects show by them are also rich in a certain natural form of beauty.

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Use their accidental clever shapes and colors to observe, think, imagine, fiction, and exaggerate. Based on the “form” of performing arts, on the basis of the abstract natural accidental shape, adapt to the random, and lead to add, supplement, and improve art processing It can create intriguing package design works that are “wonderful between like and not like”.

How to conceive excellent package design? You should know these point.
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How to conceive excellent package design? You should know these point.
Thinking out creative package design is not an easy work. Package designer should fllow some packaginge design point on the way thinking.
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