How can I book a custom round paper gift box for my products? What the way to custom design may favorite cylinder box packaging? To custom make your nice round box packaging, first you show know the basic specific of the round paper box. Please see below picture, a round box consist of round shape hap and body. You can design custom size ( internal or external tube diameter x tube height) fit for your products, and design nice surface handling to decorate your tube box. And to hold and protect your products better, you can also choose some fittable products tray such as card paper tray, blister tray, sponge tray or EVA insert tray. You may think papier round box just a round shape paperboard box, just a simple mold, but in fact you still have many options to design your own unique round gift box. Here below introduce you how to custom making your own round paper packaging.

circular box tube specification

Paper round box size:make sure what box size fit for your products

As a professional round paper box supplier company, Major Custom can make custom size paper tubes for different products. You can measure the external size of your products and calculate the round box size to fit your products. Usually, inner tube box size always = your product’s external size + 1-2mm space each side. You know round paper tubes size in the record at the format of internal or external “diameter x height”. And external tube diameter = internal tube diameter + 2-3mm double tube board thickness, external tube height = internal tube height + 10mm crimping ends thickness (crimping ends style tube box) or external tube height = internal tube height + 4mm flat ends thickness (flat ends style tube box). Design a fittable tube box size not only can save the tube packaging box price but also can save the shipping room and shipping cost.

round tube box size

Paper material: choose the paper material you want

You can also choose round paper tube box material as you want or depends on your needs. The round box material can divide into tube paperboard material and tube case paper material. Regarding tube board material, most used material always be white paper card material to roll make white paper tube, black paper card to roll make black paper tube, or kraft paper card to roll make kraft paper tube. And regarding tube case paper, there more options to choose from. Not only you can choose white paper case, black paper case or kraft paper case, you can also choose different style fancy case paper with different grain or different colors to make various fancy paper tubes.

raw paper packaging material

Like below three paper tube boxes, from left to right are paper tube box made by white art paper, kraft paper, fancy paper material. You can choose the paper material you do like.

various round tube box

Surface finish: choose some surface finish to decorate your box packaging

As paper tube box be made of eco paper material, it can do abundant surface finish to decorate your tube packaging box. Such as doing glossy or matte lamination on box case to protect the color printing and make tubes little waterproof. Do silver or golden or other colors hot foil stamping on your logo or keywords to make it outstanding. Doing spot UV varnish on the image design or word text to make it more bright. And even doing emboss or deboss to make it have 3D effect.

surface finish handling

When these cylinder paper boxes has rich surface finish, it looks much more luxury and high end. A good paper packaging designer always good at choosing the fittable surface finish on the packaging case.

round tube box surface handling

Clear Window: decide leave if clear PET / PVC window on tube box

Customers always would like to see the inner products directly from outside packaging. For round paper box packaging, though the paperboard is not transparent, you can design a clear PET or PVC window on the tube box. With a clear window on the box cap, client can see the inside products directly and stimulate the desire of customers to buy.

clear window on round box

If your products are not good to see from top to bottom, you can even choose to design a paper tube box with side window, so clients can see the inside products from the front surface. But side window design makes the round tube box more expensive and more higher MOQ (usually not less than 5000pcs or else will be expensive).

add clear window on tube box body

Box String: decide if have box string

To let customers take the round paper can more convenient, you can also choose to design paper tube with handle. Of course, any different ribbon or hemp rope string you can choose. Sometimes packaging designer even designs the box string across the tube box cap to reserve the cap (not get lost).

Ends and closure style: choose crimping or flat tubes style

From the style of the end, the round tube box can separate into crimping ends round box and flat ends round box. Crimping ends round tubes used most widely and always has good price as it needs little handwork in manufacturing. While flat ends round box needs more handwork and price be a little more expensive than crimping ends box. But flat ends tube box looks more luxury and always used for large size round box which can not do crimping or jewelry round box which needs luxury packaging box.

box ends style

And for tube box closure, you can also choose crimping closure or non-crimping closure. Crimping tubes closure always can protect the inner tube body from close many times, but non-crimping closure can make the tube box more good to put goods inside.

tube box closure style

Insert tray: choose fittable insert material to hold and protect your products

To hold your products in the round box more firm and protective, you can choose to put some insert tray inside the round box. Such as EVA foam tray, sponge foam tray, blister tray, paper cardboard tray .etc. The tray can diecut into shape to hold exactly your products and fit exactly into tubes.

packaging box tube insert tray

Major Custom professional in manufacturing various customized design round paper tube box for clients all over the world. Our price always 30% – 40% cheaper than the industry average price. If you need to make custom paper cylinder for your products, please feel free to contact us!

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How to bespoke paper round box for my products?
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How to bespoke paper round box for my products?
How to customize paper round box can for my products? What's the way to design customized eco round product packaging? Here are the details.
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