How Does Packaging Factory Produce Round Paper Box

Round paper box also called round paper tubes, paper can, paper jar box or cylinder paper box. Paper round box has many advantages (why round box be popular, please see advantage of paper board round box), it’s widely used in cosmetics packaging, bottle packaging, electronics product packaging, even apparel packaging .etc. As made of pure paper material, biodegradable and eco-friendly to the environment but rigid, durable to use. Do you know how does a professional packaging factory produce the round paper tubes out of paper? Here introduce you the procedure of industrial round box production step by step:

1. Cutting paper rolls.

We know the original paper mill produces the paper in big wide rolls, and it needs to cut into narrow paper rolls before rolling tube board, in other words round paper box key cardboard consist of narrow roll paper. The rolling paper material round tube box can choose has kraft roll paper material, cream-colored roll paper material, white-colored roll paper material, black colored roll paper material. Different color round tubes board consist of different color raw roll paper material.
raw rolling paper material

2. Rolling tube paperboard.

It’s the key procedure to transform the roll paper sheet into the cylinder paper tube board. With the help of glue, cylindrical spiral glue roll paper sheet to round jar paperboard. And the thickness of jar tube board depends on rolling times, if need a thick tube board then rolling more times if need a thin the rolling fewer times. Usually, if the tube box needs crimping ends, tube paperboard thickness should not thicker than 1.2mm. Or else it would hard to crimping the ends well in follow box making procedure. If tubes paperboard using for flat ends paper tube boxes, like round flower box, paperboard jar can roll to most 2~3mm thickness.
rolling paper tube

3. Printing the cylinder box case paper.

We know a nice round paper box has an inner paper tube board and out wrap case paper. In fact, when people see the round box packaging, the first sight he sees is the out case paper. It’s important to make a good design to print on the case paper and decorate the round box. Printing quality is very important for paper packaging. Printing master needs to pay attention to the printing color hue saturation, ink density, and color shades. Printed products image on case paper should be looked very nearby what’s it look like in reality. If clients request following the color of the last sample box or last sample sheet, color printing should follow more than 95% the same with the sample.

printing the tube box case

4. Surface handling on the case paper.

Just like producing square gift box, it can also do a variety of surface handling/surface finish on the case paper, like gloss or matt lamination, gold or silver or other color hot foil stamping, emboss or deboss, UV varnish, flocking .etc. A good surface handling can decorate the packaging box design, make some keywords or brand logo outstanding and attractive. Doing surface finish need aim at the fine-alignment printed color position. Like UV customer’s product pictures, the UV film area should cover exactly the printed product image area. Also, foil stamping also needs to take care of the work position. The packaging designer always designs a foil stamping logo in the center of the box case. If foil stamping not in the right position, the brand logo will more to box side, the paper box will be looked strange. And as many paper tube box need to do crimping ends, it needs to choose special glue in doing the lamination. Or else there will come out many small bubbles on the crimping position, looked like there are many wrinkles.
do matt lamination

5. Mounting paper.

This step is mounting glue the case paper onto the rolling tube board. Of course, it needs quality check the case paper and rolling tubes before mounting, pick out inferior to ensure good quality. And it’s important to choose the right water glue and adjust the machine well to mount glue case paper good, the case paper must not self peel off from the rolling paper tube keyboard. Some small paper tube box factory just mounting case paper on rolling tube board by hand-made. But it can much improve working efficiency with auto-machine help. Not only decrease box product cost, but also ensure the tube box product quality.
mount glue box paper case

6. Cutting paper tubes.

Cutting cylinder tubes into pieces which has unit round box height size. The length of cutting tubes equals final box height plus crimping ends height plus bleed. Cut knife must sharp enough to cut the tube edge flat enough, no double line and no deckle edge. In this procedure, workers should adjust the paper tubes cutting machine rotate stably. This way will make the cutting more stably and cust good shaped tube edge. To improve efficiency, it can add several cutting knives on the machine and cutting many tubes at one time.
cut tubes

7. Rolling tube edge (or called crimping edge).

The round paper box divide into rolling ends round tubes and flat ends round tubes. Flat ends round tubes welcomed by some big round box like large flower round box and rolling ends round tubes has more widespread use in small round box. Different from flat ends need much handwork, rolling ends can be quickly made by machine so has more low cost. Before rolling the tube’s edge, it needs to make a perfect fittable rolling mold. And then pressing the rigid tube paperboard stably and crimping rolling edge to good smoothly shape.
rolling tube box edge

8. Handwork assembling the cylinder packaging box.

This is final and important step to produce round tube box, assemble the inner and outer tube box into a round box parts, assemble the lid and base tubes (two piece tube or three piece tube) into a whole tube box, sometimes also need add some other box accessories like add string handle, tie ribbon bowknot, glue transparent PVC window .etc. Also at this step need QC check the whole tube box, pick out inferior one and clean the glue on box case. The top and bottom round board plate should be pressed tightly and glue on to tubes bottom.
hand craft assemble box

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How to produce customized rigid round paper tube box packaging in packaging factory
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