Food cylinder paper cans are mainly made of food-grade paper. A rigid round cardboard tube is the main packaging body. It covers the inner surface of the paper tube with a layer of food-grade aluminum film or coating material. This way makes the tube paper packaging waterproof and moisture-proof. Sealing with iron or plastic caps on the ends of the paper tube to achieve a sealing effect. Food grade cylindrical containers are now the most common form of food packaging. People can use paper food containers as a packaging box for a variety of foods. Such as dried fruits, preserves, dried powders, and confectionery. Let’s talk about the analysis of 3 successful samples of food paper cans.

First type: Candy Paper Tubes Packaging

paper rounded potato chips box

The first confectionery food canister is a confectionery can of the strategic partnership established by Yu. We use food white cardboard + food-grade coated paper to make this food cylinder paper can. Suitable for high-end candy, chocolate, etc. Small and convenient, so convenient for commercial supermarket display promotion.

Second type: Dried Fruit Food Grade Paper Jars

round tube box for nuts products

Compared with the traditional plastic bags and PET bottles, the paper cans have higher grade, better sealing performance and longer retention period. Suitable for single-can sales and gift boxes. On this packaging pattern, the types of dried fruits are different, and the patterns are also diversified. More in line with the experience of diners.

Third type: Powder Food Grade Paper Cylindrical Boxes

cylindrical packaging tube for powder

We use special PE + aluminum foil + cardboard tubes to make this cylinder powder packaging. It is more environmentally friendly in performance, fast in natural degradation and excellent in sealing performance. Very suitable for granules. Ideal for packaging powdered products. There are many styles in the printing color of the shape. Depending on the characteristics of the food, different colors can be selected.

If the design of food cylindrical paper cans stands out in the industry, is it more provocative to your taste buds this summer? Maybe one more glance, let the color of this package come into view. It occurs naturally people choose paper food containers with their natural advantage.

Food-grade cardboard packaging tubes for different kinds of food products
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Food-grade cardboard packaging tubes for different kinds of food products
Paperboard candy tube packaging, Paper dry food tubes, Paper powder can are typical three food-grade paper jar packaging.
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