How to increase the beauty packaging design? Look at these 9 important design rules.

01 charm bias

Charismatic people are usually more popular than those without charm. The ideal facial features and body ratio will make the character more attractive.

Therefore, in the design, if you want to show the character, you must consider using the “charm prejudice” rule. For showing women, they need to strengthen their sexy characteristics, while for men, they need to show his wealth and status.

02 Conditional reflection

A technique that relates a stimulus to a physical or emotional response.

For example, in TV commercials, specific ideas or feelings are linked to product services. Beautiful characters will make people respond positively to products and services.

So in the design, we will stimulate the positive emotions of the viewers by stimuli that cause positive reflections.

03 Similarity

The “similarity” rule is one of the principles of Gestalt perception, and similar elements will be considered more relevant.

The generation of similarity will reduce the complexity of design, increase the relationship between elements. And establish similarity through size, shape, and color, which is convenient for viewers to identify and enhance group effects.

04 Signal to noise ratio

The signal-to-noise ratio refers to the ratio of displayed and unrelated information.

That is to say, in the design, the ratio of useful information to useless information. We need to find the largest “signal-to-noise ratio”, maintain a simple design, design and present the most important information and content, and to useless and unimportant information Make cuts.

05 Savannah Preference

People actually have a tendency to prefer a prairie-like environment to other types of environment.

This preference comes from the view that the human survival rate on the prairie was relatively high. So it will be more inclined to prefer the prairie.

Therefore, in advertising design, if you need to describe the natural environment, you can try to use the “Prairie Preference” rule.

06 Simulation

We imitate familiar objects, biological or environmental characteristics, to avoid danger or strengthen relevance.

In the design, the most common thing is that we imitate familiar objects to convey their important characteristics. Such as icon design and naturalistic illustrations.

In terms of functionality, we usually also imitate existing solutions and similar designs to achieve results.

07 Fibonacci sequence

Each number in a sequence is the sum of the first two numbers. This pattern of sequence is very common in nature. So many people think that something designed based on the “Fibonacci sequence” is more beautiful.

In addition to applying it to the overall visual scale, the “Fibonacci sequence” can also be used for the setting of text and spacing.

08 Facialism ratio

The ratio of face to body is called facial ratio.

An image with a high facialism ratio, that is, the face occupies most of the space in the image. It will make one focus on the person’s intelligence and personality.

On the contrary, it will make people focus on the person’s body and sexiness. So in the specific design, combined with the theme of the picture, set a reasonable face ratio.

09 Top-down light source bias

People tend to think that objects are illuminated by a single light source above, which is closely related to people’s living environment.

There is evidence that the object will appear more natural when illuminated with the upper-left light. Therefore, in the specific design, you can add a light source on the upper left to create a natural and realistic feeling, and a light source from the bottom to create an unreal and horrible feeling, do beauty packaging design.

Packaging Designner Should Know 9 Rules In Beauty Packaging Design
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Packaging Designner Should Know 9 Rules In Beauty Packaging Design
How to increase the beauty of packaging? Look at these 9 important design rules in beauty packaging design, making packaging box or bags looks better.
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