What’s Serialization packaging design?

Serialization packaging design is a more and more popular form in modern packaging design. It is a unified design with different characteristics of an enterprise or a trademark and brand name with a common feature. It can be unified with special packaging modeling features, shapes, colors, patterns, logos, etc. to form a unified vision Image. The advantages of this design are obvious: it has both a variety of changing beauty and a unified overall beauty. Series of package has a strong shelf display effect. It is easy to identify and remember when clients facing thousands of similar products in supermarket or website. It can shorten the design cycle, facilitate the development of new varieties of products, and facilitate plate making and printing. Enhance advertising The effect of publicity strengthens consumers’ impressions, expands influence, and establishes brand-name products.

Serialization paper tubes packaging design

What’re the features of serialization packaging design?

  • Unified style. The serialized design contains eight elements: shape, size, composition, image, color, trademark, product name, and technique. Generally,trademark, product name, and technique not changed. It produces a serialization effect when one or some of other elements also not change. This makes the overall style of the serialized packaging design very uniform and enhances the product Correlation.
  • Many products in the same series. Obviously, because the product uses a serialized packaging design, the number of products in the same series is at least two, and generally more than two. This helps the promotion of the product. It can increase sales of goods when customers see large series products.
  • Diversity but unity. Each individual unit of a series of packaging design products has its own characteristics and changes. At the same time, each individual package forms an organic combination, producing an overall beauty effect. Makes a wide variety of products both diverse and beautiful.
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What’s benefits of serialized packaging?

Expand influence and create brand effect

With the continuous development of the economy, any one of the best-selling products will quickly cause a large number of enterprises to flock to the same market. The identifiable differences between products become more and more blurred, and the differences in product use value appear trivial. If the company still emphasizes the product’s own characteristics and the subtle product differences at this time, consumers will not recognize it. On the contrary, the brand image of products has become increasingly important. In the brand image strategy, the first is the strong brand brand or corporate logo as the main body.

The second is to emphasize the serialization of packaging to highlight its branding. The six unifications of the series packaging design strengthen the visual impact of the product. Including (unification of brand name, unification of trademark, unification of decoration, unification of shape, unification of text, unification of hue). With the continuous expansion of social production, more and more social products, coupled with the increasingly fierce market competition, product packaging has become more and more important in advertising, and can be better improved through the serialization of products. How much people care about this product. Consumers have a relatively deep impression on the brand name, trademark, and image of the product. Because of the repeated appearance of a unified image in a group of products.

Not only did consumers notice the product at once, but more importantly, left a deep impression on them and successfully established the brand image of the company. Many foreign cigarette packages are designed with brand trademarks or corporate logos as the main body. Such as Marlboro, 555, Hilton, Moore and so on. A qualitative leap in serialized packaging has occurred. It not only uses a unified form, unified color, and unified image to regulate those products with different shapes, different uses, and related products. Extension, so that the information value of goods has unprecedented transmission power. To shape the brand image of a product, the actual investment is a secondary investment in the product. And it is a promotion of the added value of the product.

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Shorten design cycles, facilitate plate making and printing, and reduce packaging costs

The unification of serialized packaging in terms of shape, text, decoration, color, trademark, brand name, etc. can greatly shorten the cycle of serialized packaging design and save a lot of design time. So that designers have more time for new products design. In the printing stage, due to the sharing of some printing plates, it saves the production cost greatly, and saves a certain time for plate-making.

Expand sales

The overall price of products designed with a series of packaging is lower than the total price of individual purchases. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand, while maintaining the overall design style, use a larger container to pack various cosmetics as a single sale. Units are sold as a whole. Relatively cheap prices can not only attract more consumers to buy, but also a series of products. On the one hand, the number of people who bought the plant increased, and on the other hand, the number of people who bought it also increased.

Obviously, the product of the two will increase significantly, which will increase the sales volume of the product. There is a brand of skin care products, which packs cleansing milk, firming lotion, moisturizing lotion and other packaging into a series, and sells them as a set to increase the sales volume of the product. In the fierce market competition, the promotion effect of packaging is becoming more and more obvious, and the application of packaging serialized design is receiving more and more attention.

How to serialization packaging design?

Uniform brand name on package

Unified brand name is the most basic customary method of serializing product packaging. The unified brand name of various products operated by the enterprise is formed into a series to win market and expand sales.

Uniform packaging trademark

A trademark is the image of an enterprise or a manufacturer. The trademark image appears repeatedly on a series of packages to form a unified trademark packaging series. It is conducive to identifying and creating famous brands and improving market competitiveness.

Uniform decoration on package

Although there are various products and different modeling structures, uniform decoration and composition can be applied to form a series while unifying brand names and trademarks. Such as the unified style picture, unified style decoration and flat picture, etc. produce a variety of rhythmic, rhythmic beauty of a variety of unified series packaging effects.

Uniform packaging shape

According to the complicated modeling structure, the method of forming a series is to consider the basic shapes and their characteristics uniformly. If the bottle body of the bottled product is different, the shape characteristics can be unified on the bottle cap; some bottles have different size heights, which can uniformly emphasize certain modeling and decorative features. When the modeling structure and decoration are unified, different varieties can be marked on the decoration screen or different colors can be used to distinguish different varieties to achieve a consistent style and form a series of packaging.

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Unified text printed on packaging

Unified text fonts are also an important aspect of packaging serialization. In the design of packaging and decoration, the arrangement of fonts plays a large role. And the uniformity of fonts can also achieve serialization effects.

Uniform packaging color tone

According to different categories and different characteristics of the product, a color tone is determined as the main color of the series packaging. So that the customer can directly identify what kind of product from the color alone.

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Use objects to unify packaging serialization

Divided into different series of products according to different users, in order to facilitate different consumers to use different products. Such as children’s cosmetics series, women’s cosmetics series, men’s cosmetics series, etc., design a series of packaging with different object characteristics.

Complete package serialization

In the form of a group of similar products, various small tools, supplies, and food for the same purpose are packaged into boxes, bags, and bags into a series. It is convenient for customers and conducive to expandin sales.

Serialization packaging design is a popular trend to expand business
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Serialization packaging design is a popular trend to expand business
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