Magnetic gift box is the most common square paper gift box packaging. It has the advantages of good display, firm structure and convenient use. How are gift boxes with magnetic lid produced? Let’s take a look at the production steps together:


Raw material: molded gray board inner box, inner box edge paper, inner box edge paper, leather shell double gray, leather shell paper, leather shell inner paper

Tools: Scraper, rag, alcohol

Glue: Select the appropriate glue according to the surface treatment of the paper

2, production process of magnetic gift box

(1) According to the second section of the sixth section, attach the magnet inside the gray board; attach the iron shell to the double side for use.

(2) Open the glue machine and adjust the glue to a moderate thickness (adjust the glue thickness according to the box material process).

(3) Put the surface of the leather cover paper with the glue down, put it into the roller of the glue machine, and the other hand picks up the paper with good glue at the paper exit, and quickly put the side with the glue toward Place it on the work surface.

(4) Paste the double-grey board of the leather case in order on the pressing line of the leather cover paper, and press it to avoid displacement.
glue bottom on board case

(5) Next, wrap the long sides of the leather cover paper and scrape them with a scraper to ensure that the face paper and the gray board are firmly attached. Then flatten the four corners and wrap the short sides together; then scrape with a scraper.

(6) Next, the inner liner paper is glued and attached to the finished leather case, as shown in the figure below. Gluing box base centerly onto board back case.
gluing box to assemble

(7) The inner box is made; firstly, the inner box is covered with paper, and the glue is placed on the table top with the glue surface facing up, and then the side of the inner box of the gray board is aligned with the edge of the paper. The post is posted (shown by the red line). After the position is fixed, press it slightly to prevent it from moving.

(8) Then wrap the inner box edge paper in the direction of the inner box, and the other side is wrapped in the same way.
handmade glue box

(9) Next, wrap the tissue at the bottom of the inner box; when it is wrapped, turn the box back. Then wrap the tissue of the inner box mouth into the box, wrap it with a scraper after wrapping, and make sure it is stuck. Finally, the inner box edge banding paper is pasted on one side of the inner box dew ash board.

(10) Assemble: apply universal glue (resin glue) on the bottom and back of the skin; draw an “X” glue in the middle blank to ensure that the edge and middle of the box can be glued. After the glue is half-dried, stick the inner box to the leather case. After sticking it, squeeze the inner box edge and the middle bottom slightly to ensure the adhesion. Then put the back of the box on the table and squeeze it with the same method. The back edge and the middle bottom of the inner box ensure a tight fit.
handcaft glue gift box

How to handcraft gluing a magnetic flip open paper board box packaging
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How to handcraft gluing a magnetic flip open paper board box packaging
How does a paper packaging box factory gluing box to shape and keep the quality, no become less crowded, no uncentered, and no over glued.
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