Packaging designing is a combination of technology and art, using natural science and aesthetic knowledge to design product packaging structure, styling, and decoration. Design packaging is to obtain better protection during the circulation of the product and to promote the sale of goods and enhance the company’s brand image.

As a carrier of visual communication, packaging designing bears the important role of attracting consumers’ attention, introducing products to consumers and inspiring consumers to purchase. Packaging design actually plays an important role in communication between production companies and consumers. Exquisite product packaging is often the key to impressing consumers. Exquisite, beautiful and unique product packaging always captures the hearts of consumers. A good packaging design is like putting a fit and beautiful coat on the product, giving people a beautiful experience while attracting consumers to make purchases.

What kind of packaging design can impress consumers and tap the commercial value in packaging?

Market-based packaging designing

“Beautiful” and “luxury” are not the only criteria for measuring the excellence of a product package. Product packaging cannot leave the market positioning of its own products and is completely subject to the individual aesthetics of the packaging designer. First of all, we must examine the positioning of the products that need to be packaged. The value of the product itself determines the level of packaging required. For example, an expensive diamond jewellery, you can design a luxurious package to set off the value of jewelry. High-grade packaging materials can also be selected on the packaging materials, and the surface treatment process is used to display the high-grade jewelry products. You can even design a unique and complex packaging structure that highlights mystery and nobility. But if you are designing a box for cheap fast-moving consumer goods, such as a simple data cable box, it is another option. Since the data line has a low product value per unit product, but the sales volume is very large, in this case, the packaging material needs to select a material that is cheap but convenient for mass production, such as white cardboard. The packaging structure must also be simple and convenient for mass production. Moreover, the size of the package should be considered in consideration of the size of the product, and the product can be loaded; the length, width, and height are also considered to save material.

In addition, the design and packaging should also consider the target market positioning of the product. According to different stages, different locations, and different age groups of consumers, the design has sales-oriented packaging. For example, design small snacks, vice snacks, dessert product packaging, because the main consumer groups are children, you can often design the box face with a cartoon image, to attract children and consumers to buy. However, if it is a tea product packaging, the consumer is often an adult, and the design can be simple and rich in taste, highlighting the green health attributes of the tea.

Show difference in packaging designing

Modern productivity is developed and market competition is fierce. The same type of products often have thousands of manufacturers producing and selling at the same time. Almost all products show “homogeneity” in terms of function and quality. It is very difficult to maintain the obvious advantages of the product in practical use. It is often a good choice to realize differentiation through packaging design.

The first is that the printed design with a novel design on the exterior of the package can often make the consumer’s eyes shine on the shelves and attract customers’ attention. It is not only the difference in the design of different printed designs of different brand products, but even the same type of products under the same brand can also cater to the tastes of different hobby people by designing different printed pattern contents or colors.

The second is to design a novel packaging structure to extract the difference. The novel packaging structure often stimulates consumers’ curiosity and allows consumers to see more in many similar products. Even some packaging structures directly display the products inside, and the consumers intuitively associate with the beautiful products when they see the package.

And like below cracker box also show difference / creative design from other normal box packaging.

Consider social media interaction in packaging designing

One-way media and traditional advertising methods are outdated in today’s social and mobile Internet era. Packaging design also needs to tap everyone’s inner sense of identity, establish emotional connections based on social groups, touch consumers’ hearts and let them actively share. Interact with. In this era when everyone can connect to the Internet through the Internet, the threshold for consumers to act as “communication propagators” is not high. Packaging design also needs to comply with this trend. By printing social media accounts, QR code allows people to share product experiences through social media, and hot features of product features are used to attract more people’s interest.

And any small details of the packaging design, as long as unique, distinctive, a little guidance is easy to become a hot topic in the circle of young consumers. Such as fashion brand Dimepiece LA.

Promote the improvement of customers’ brand image

Design can be done through brainstorming and good aesthetics, but it is the brand value that can really retain customers for a long time.

Mature brands are inseparable from the precipitation of time. When consumers hear a well-known old brand, a brand portrait appears naturally in everyone’s mind. For example, when we hear CHANEL, the image of “fashionable women” and “elegance” will appear in our minds; when we hear Ferrari, a dynamic sports car will fly through our minds.

For well-known brands with high maturity, at some point, when they suddenly introduce some new products or bold new packaging designs, they will bring a new boost to famous brands. In the old customer base, the hot spot is detonated while attracting new people’s attention. In particular, some traditional old brands, a new trend of fashion trends will make the public shine, and play a role in the sublimation of the brand.

For new brands, packaging design can bring a lot of unintended value to the packaging. Because of new products, brand power is still weak, and good packaging can well establish a new image for the new brand. When consumers choose products of unfamiliar brands, they tend to choose products with good appearance and quality. Consumers tend to think that the products inside a beautiful box are not bad. A unique and connotative packaging will often set the tone for the new brand, first laying a brand anchor image in the mass community.

4 core element in packaging designing to promote market business
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4 core element in packaging designing to promote market business
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