Cosmetic box packaging attracts eyeballs and promotes consumption. Innovative and eye-catching packaging can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy and increase sales. According to a report recently released by Markets and Markets, the world’s second-largest market consulting company, the global cosmetic packaging market is expected to grow from US$49.4 billion in 2020 to US$60.9 billion in 2025. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 4.03%.

The “cosmetic packaging” revolution is proceeding quietly

The cosmetics industry is booming at an unprecedented rate。 Countless new cosmetics are put on sale every year. The Markets report pointed out that the rapid growth of the global cosmetics packaging industry is mainly due to the growing global demand for cosmetics. In addition, the demand for innovative, high-quality and unique packaging design is also a key factor for the continued growth of the cosmetic box packaging market in the next few years.

From 2020 to 2025, paper packaging will become the fastest-growing part of the cosmetic box packaging market. Its growth stems from various factors, such as increased demand for sustainable packaging or green packaging. Some time ago, giant companies such as L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble also actively responded to environmental protection initiatives. They carried out plastic reduction activities, especially for packaging design. Shang Wei, Director of Sustainable Development of L’Oréal China, said that nearly 400 stores across the L’Oréal Group have participated in the empty bottle recycling program. Everyone’s understanding and willingness to participate in the empty bottle recycling program are constantly strengthening. In addition to the empty bottle recycling program, there is another new project: L’Oréal cooperates with hair salons to recycle waste hair dye packaging and process different materials into particles to generate various durable goods.

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Skincare packaging becomes the largest market segment

In addition, it expects the skincare field to become the largest market segment in the cosmetic packaging market. With the increasing awareness of natural cosmetics, consumers also demand “environmentally friendly” product packaging. In order to match the natural and harmless concept of products, businesses also tend to use environmentally friendly packaging. Recently, “natural and organic” and “cleaning and beauty” are gaining momentum, which has further promoted the growth of demand in this market segment.

In terms of regions, the Asia-Pacific cosmetics packaging market will contribute the largest market share during the forecast period. In these areas, the demand for makeup and skin care is becoming increasingly younger. The uniqueness and innovation of cosmetic packaging are important factors that attract young consumers. This will promote the overall growth of the cosmetic packaging market in the next few years.

Experiential beauty packaging has highlights

The first contact with the product is an experience in itself. Experiential packaging guides consumers to interact with the product and choose it, which is the first key step in the purchase. Packaging that attracts consumers’ attention is an effective way to stimulate consumer interest. Unique styles, windows, embedded samples, unusual shapes and textures can all bring a higher level of interest and participation.

Intelligent packaging is part of experiential packaging. The two-in-one form of the instrument and the product is portable, easy to use, and space-saving for consumers. As for the brand, it is a weapon for product upgrades and added value. The electric massage eye cream has become popular in recent years. The use of eye cream with an electric massage stick can not only help the absorption of eye cream but also be used as an eye spa. Refa also has the same structure, with 184 crystal diamond facets, which can fit the skin around the eyes 360 degrees. Vibrate 12,000 times per minute, which can soothe the eye area, smooth fine lines, and make the eye muscles better absorb nutrients.

In addition to Marumi, L’Oreal Paris and Critina also launched eye cream packaging with electric massage function. The combination of cream and massage stick effectively combines the three functions of iontophoresis, LED light care and the slight vibration of the multifunctional massager on the bottle cap. Use cream to stimulate the microcirculation of the eye skin.

Smart induction device added to cosmetic packaging

In addition, adding intelligent sensing devices to cosmetic packaging is also an option for packaging intelligence. Asquan is a manufacturer of accessories, applicators and packaging solutions for cosmetic brands. Their NFC smart packaging technology can be used for consumer engagement, product tracking, and brand protection. This technology provides brands with opportunities to attract customers through various interactive activities. During the production process, the NFC tag is inserted into the brand packaging. After scanning the package with a mobile phone, it can direct consumers to an information platform with specific brand activities or brand protection notices. From tips on cosmetic fashion trends and makeup tutorials, to repurchase discounts, and display other products in the series or other related products. Brands can choose to showcase new products that will be launched in the next few months. Or they can introduce their brand image and concepts to consumers.

Environmentally friendly cosmetic box packaging becomes a trend

Green environmental protection and sustainable development have become the main theme of the fashion industry. Consider both the needs of current development and the needs of future development. We cannot trade for development and satisfy our interests at the expense of later interests. Many internationally renowned brands attach great importance to the sustainable development of enterprises to protect the earth.

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It derives the raw materials of the primera brand of Amorepacific Group from seeds. It itself gives the public a natural and environmentally friendly feeling. The brand implements the sustainable development concept of “plastic reduction”. Not only use glass containers that are easy to recycle, but some products use recycled plastics. Avoid excessive packaging to reduce the pressure on the natural environment. Cosmetic paper boxes, brochures, and shopping bags also use FSC certified paper and use vegetable bean ink for printing. In addition, in order to reduce the use of paper, Flimina also adopted a green design that printed the product manual on the inner page of the box.

The Fremena plant essence series products use recycled plastic bottle caps. The packaging container uses uncoated clear glass bottles. The product information label on the bottle is easy to tear off. It facilitating the classification and recycling of outer packaging materials after the product is used.

Empty Bottle Recycling Program

As early as 2018, Keyan’s and Terry Environmental Protection officially launched the “Empty Bottle Recycling Program” project in China at the China International Import Expo. According to the person in charge of the Kiehl brand, the “Empty Bottle Recycling Program” is a long-term project of Kiehl in the field of “recyclable packaging” under the Made Better charity project. Keyan’s offline stores set up recycling bins to actively encourage consumers to participate. This cooperation project expects to recover 500,000 Kiehl’s empty bottles. It estimate to reduce approximately 17,600 kilograms of carbon emissions of greenhouse gases. Just as Mr. Aaron Morse, the second-generation founder of Keyan, said: “As a valuable and responsible brand, the meaning of Keyan’s existence is not only profit but also dedicated to giving back to the society and improving people’s quality of life.”

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In 2019, the Biotherm brand joined the empty bottle recycling queue, taking another big step on the road to environmental protection and sustainable development. Biotherm has set up empty bottle recycling bins in 15 brand stores across the country. Consumers are encouraged to take empty bottles of used products to these designated stores for recycling. Recyclable waste products include Biotherm brand paper gift boxes, plastic bottles, glass bottles and plastic hoses.

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