With the development of society, the use of cardboard round box has become wider and wider, and the market demand has also been heating up. It has wide usage in food, cosmetics, electronic products, children’s toys, gifts and other industries. Craft round boxes are round packaging products that integrate metal, paper, and plastic. They are usually divided into spiral type and rewind type. It uses paper material to make hat round boxes, easy to recycle, and environmentally friendly. It has good features such as excellent protection performance, waterproof, moisture-proof, and has a certain thermal insulation effect. Also, paper cylinders have features such as odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, very suit for acting as food packaging.

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Although paper cans have only a short history in China, they have developed rapidly due to their wide range of uses. At present, it has formed a paper packaging form second only to the carton packaging industry in the packaging industry. Paper cans are currently divided into chemical fiber paper cans series, industrial paper cans series, and outer packaging paper cans series. Each series of paper cans have different uses and quality requirements. The process materials used to produce various paper pre roll tube are also different. It is necessary to master the reasonable production process and solve the actual problems in the winding paper tube production.

The main body of packaging boxes round production is winding paper tube. Rolling out high-quality blank tubes is an important guarantee for ensuring the quality of paper tubes packaging. There are many factors to ensure the quality of high-quality paper can blank tubes, such as the performance of the tube reel, the quality of the paper tape separated by the separator, the quality of the paper, the quality of the adhesive, the selection of the tube belt, the production process and the operation Methods, etc.

A good way to winding paper tube roll

The pre-roll tubes must first confirm that the quality of the straw paper roll for paper tubes purchased is qualified. There is no damp, mold, or damage. Commonly used paper rolls are white paper, black paper, brown kraft paper. Choose the base paper of the corresponding color according to the required paper tube. Generally, it can select a small width of base paper to roll a small diameter paper tube. Larger diameter paper tubes can choose wider paper.

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Spiral paper tube winding machine is an important machine to ensure the quality of paper cans. If the performance of the winding paper tube reel is not up to the requirements, it will not be able to ensure the production of high-quality paper can blank tubes. When reel pipe, the paper tape should be straight and stretched. The glue should be evenly applied. The squeegee should be reasonable. The spiral angle should be accurate. The paper tape composite time should be reasonable. The craft paper tube winding machine operation also needs works stable. The belt pressure should be appropriate. And the width of each layer of paper tape should be reasonable, etc. These all are conditions of roll on good quality eco friendly paper blank tube.

winding spiral paper tube

The spiral angle of the hard paper core roll tube is an important process for forming cardboard box round. The adjustable spiral angle range of the tubing reel must meet the requirements of the tube reel process. The best degree of spiral angle of the coil is 120 degrees-130 degrees. From this, determine the width of each layer of paper tape required for the roll tube and the width of the roll tube belt.

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Some point on pre roll spiral cardboard paper tube in round paper box manufacturing
Article Name
Some point on pre roll spiral cardboard paper tube in round paper box manufacturing
From buying good quality roll paper material, slitting straw paper roll for paper tubes, to well adjusting paper tube winding machine, all are important procedures in paper core pipe making.
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