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Any product needs to be packaged since get out from the factory. Designing perfect packaging has become a powerful means of competition for modern businesses. Manufacturers are calling “new packaging, new listing” to attract consumers. At all costs, in order to change the image of its products in the minds of consumers, thereby enhancing the image of the company itself. Today, many companies and planning companies have listed packaging as one of their 3P strategies. Position, Product, Package. Integrating packaging into CI promotes products and promotes their corporate image. Packaging is a silent product promotion member.

In modern society, the packaging of most consumer products is disposable, and the packaging waste that people discard has increased rapidly. This not only consumes a lot of resources, but more importantly causes greater and greater harm to the environment. Developing green packaging is an effective way to promote sustainable development.

Green packaging design

Green package, also calling Environmental friendly package, or ecological package. It is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, and is a recyclable and renewable packaging. Green packaging design is to consider the life cycle of packaging at the packaging design stage. Save less material and use renewable raw materials whenever possible. The production of packaging should be as simple as possible with low energy consumption and no pollution to the environment. Packaging is safe and durable. Consumers can recycle it after use, and it is best to be biodegradable after disposal.

circular box tube specification

Green packaging design principles and methods

The principle of green packaging design 3R1D refers to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Degradable. Reduce is to reduce the consumption of packaging materials per unit, design clever but simple packaging structure to achieve packaging functions, and save resources from natural resources. Reuse refers to the design of reusable packaging. Consumers are willing to use it multiple times in their lives after using it once. Recycle refers to designing packaging that is recyclable and reusable as much as possible. Degradable is the final fulfillment of packaging. After being discarded by consumers, it is naturally degradable and reduces pollution to nature.

In addition to traditional materials such as paper and cardboard, LSR injection molding is also emerging as a sustainable packaging solution. LSR is a recyclable material, and in some cases can be more durable and lightweight than traditional materials, which can contribute to reducing the amount of packaging material used.

Green package designing process

In the process of packaging design, it is necessary to analyze both the material structure of the product and the functional structure of the product to design a reasonable green package.

First of all, as far as possible, choose green and environmentally friendly packaging materials. Raw materials are non-toxic, harmless, easily decomposed or recycled, and pollution-free. And it should reduce the types of raw materials used in the same box or bag. Where possible, use the same material, such as paper raw materials.

Secondly, on the premise of achieving the effect of packaging, optimize the packaging structure and reduce the consumption of packaging materials. Minimize or eliminate unnecessary structures. 1. Analyze the shape, attributes, weight, and shipping method of the product which needs package. Analyze the main structural functions and additional functions that the packaging needs to achieve, and clarify the purpose of the packaging materials. 2. Analyze the overall structural function of the packaging design, think about whether you can merge related or reduce the packaging structure, think about whether the most suitable packaging material is selected. 3. Analyze whether the packaging is easy to industrialize mass production. An easy-to-produce packaging structure can reduce production energy consumption and reduce production waste.

Design and application of green packaging

Green packaging design is a trendy packaging design concept. It is deeply root in people’s hearts and has more and more applications. For example, McDonald’s switched to recyclable paper for hamburgers, and The Coca-Cola Company took the lead in promoting recyclable beverage containers worldwide.

papier whey protein package tubes

For example, the above protein powder cylinder box packaging uses environmentally friendly paper as the main body of the packaging. It covers with a layer of aluminum film on the inner surface of the cardboard cylinder. And the ends of the box are sealed with a simple iron cover, which can be sealed against moisture. The cylindrical box has a simple structure, is easy to produce, and has a low production cost. It prints simplest single black on the outer surface of the round box and use the brown kraft paper itself as the packaging background. Then print a concise company logo and necessary text descriptions to make the entire protein powder packaging cylinder look environmentally friendly, hygienic and healthy.

holographic box paper can

Another example is the cylinder packaging for essential oil bottle shown above. It uses uncoated paper as the packaging material. The lower half is printed in simple green, and the upper half shows the color of the original paper. The brand, product name and simple graphics are printed on the outer surface of the round box. The product name and gold foil decoration appear carefully at a certain position of the package after careful deliberation, forming a visual focus. The color and decoration are simple but not simple, showing a low-key and bright but high-end luxury design style.

Green package designing concept and application has foreground
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Green package designing concept and application has foreground
Green packaging design reflects the sustainable development thinking strategy of packaging applications. Protecting the environment and developing green packaging has become an inevitable trend in the development of packaging in the world.
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