How can I start my paper packaging business

What is paper packaging

Paper packaging refers to by processing paper material like color printing, surface treatment, diecutting and then assemble to packaging containers. Paper packaging mainly includes: paper cylinder boxes, paperboard gift boxes, cardboard boxes, paper bags. As it’s consist of biodegradable paper material, it’s eco-friendly and durable to use. Getting more and more welcome in People’s daily life.

Why start custom paper packaging business

Paper packaging is widely used in our daily life to pack many things in our life, and the market is vast. Like all kinds of cosmetic packaging boxes (eyelash boxes, lipstick boxes, facial mask boxes, mascara packaging, skin care boxes, shampoo packaging, perfume boxes, etc.), food packaging boxes (chocolate boxes, coffee boxes, nuts boxes, potato chips paper bags, candy boxes, tea cans), electronic products or phone accessories boxes (USB cable boxes, charger boxes, earphone packaging boxes, phone case boxes .etc) , gift box packaging (Christmas gift boxes, calendar boxes, flower boxes), jewelry box (necklace boxes, Earring boxes, pin boxes, hair boxes), watch box, clothing box (T-shirt packaging tubes, socks paper packaging, underwear paper card boxes, underwear boxes) and so on. So paper pacakging have a great market!

It is not easy for many countries which with underdeveloped basic industries to find suitable packaging companies to supply custom packaging material to pack their products. At this time, they must find reliable packaging companies. So the paper packaging business is a traditional industry, but it is an evergreen industry with a wide demand. Packaging business can be divided into two types: trade-oriented packaging purchasing companies (or called packaging trading companies) and production-oriented packaging factories (or called packaging manufacturers).

Open a paper packaging trading company

Packaging purchasing companies, that is, they do not have actual production factories, but relying on their own rich channel advantages. Now price is transparent as economic and web developing rapidly. People can easily find thousands of packaging suppliers on the network that claim to be source factories. Therefore, it is not easy to be a successful packaging purchasing company.

1. First of all, reliable paper packaging suppliers are needed.

To start packaging business, you must first find a credible packaging supplier. A. They can quote a reasonable and competitive price according to your required packaging spec. B. They can provide good service, spend most of the day online, answer and help solve your questions. For example, the customer needs some packaging design, you tell him the box type, and give the size, need his help to draw the die line for you. C. Their product quality should be guaranteed to meet the market demand. D They can deliver the goods according to the time of delivery you agreed on, instead of delaying the time without any reason.

2.Finding and developing customers

Customer orders are the source of company’s operation. In order for the company to operate normally, there must be a continuous stream of orders. You need to establish dealer sales channel network and the owners, and build the region well-known design institute network. Develop more customers and win orders. And can recruit salesmen to expand the source of orders. 20% of high-quality customer providers 80% of the company’s sustained development momentum. You should focus on large customer orders. Of course, any small customer has the potential to develop into a large customer, you can not ignore small orders or small customers.

3. Taking care of what’s going on of every packaging order

As packaging business is providing custom packaging solutions, each packaging and printing order is small-batch customized production. You must follow up every order carefully. Make clear the customer’s requirements, size, printing color, packaging material, delivery date for each order, and list an order table. Give packaging factories clear instructions, ensure they must produce accurate samples in accordance with the package specifications given. After the customer confirms the sample, the packaging factory is also required to make qualified products according to the sample. In case the details of some products need to be changed in the production of Dalian Goods, they must be notified and settled through consultation with customers. Only after the customer agrees can the production continue. Every two or three days, you need to check the production progress of the factory and control the delivery date.

4.Establishing the brand of your company and expanding its popularity

In order to achieve great development of the company, it is necessary to establish its own brand and expand its visibility. When everyone knows that your company has a reliable reputation, abundant supply channels, the total number of problems can be solved, and the value-preserving and quantity-guaranteed supply of customer needs, customers will constantly come to you by themselves. All you need to do at that time is to expand the company and recruit more documentary and purchasing specialists.

5. Establishing offices nearby paper packaging manufacturers to control quality and shipping

With the company develops to a certain stage and there are many business orders, it is possible to consider setting up large-scale engineering offices in the production base. In order to better monitor the production of orders and serve customers. For example many overseas purchasing companies have set up purchasing offices in Hong Kong. Dispatching purchasing commissioners to closely track factories in mainland China. And they can going directly to factories to check the situation if there are problems. Now more and more purchasing companies even move their offices directly to Shenzhen. Closer to the factory, closer to the factory inspection.

Starting a paper packaging factory

Opening a paper packaging factory requires a considerable fixed investment, which is much larger than opening a purchasing company. So investment needs to be prudent. A series of necessary conditions, such as market demand, basic industrial environment and packaging technique, need to be examined before investing in the construction of factories.

1. Investigating market demand for paper packaging

The order is the engine that the factory starts, and the customer resource is the locomotive that drives the progress of the factory. To open a factory, you must first ensure that there are continuous orders after the establishment of the factory. You should learn the local market demand for various packaging. That’s market if there are many local gifts or food or toy factories or companies as they need packaging materials pack their products. And if they need to buy packaging from far away places, then your new packaging factory have advantages. If there are many large chocolate companies in the area, they sell a lot of chocolate every year, even to other places. You can consider setting up a local gift box factory, specializing in the development and production of a variety of exquisite chocolate gift box.

2. Investigating the local basic industrial environment

Opening a new factory requires complete supply chain. Such as raw paper material suppliers, magnet suppliers, surface finish material companies, shipping forwarder companies.etc. This requires a detailed investigation of the local industrial chain allocation, human resources, legal taxes and fees. Accounting for the profitability of starting a factory. First of all, is there a complete industrial chain configuration? if not, then has to import some raw materials from overseas, is the cost is cost-effective? Second, is there any other spare parts factory to cooperate with the production of the newly opened factory (if the new factory is large enough, it can even drive the local spontaneous formation of an industrial chain)?

And, whether the local population is enough and whether it is easy to recruit enough qualified labor force? It would be better if there were experienced engineers, who could not afford to pay high salaries to recruit engineers from other places. Finally, check if there is also the support of the local government and the law. Whether the local government law supports the establishment of factories, and whether the tax is favorable for the establishment of new factories.

3. Learning the paper packaging production process

Before you start the factory, you need to know about the general paper packaging production process. The round carton production process is mainly made up of machine-rolled paper tube and then cut the paper tube according to size, so as to form a cylinder carton core. Then print the customer’s design content to the paper, and do some surface treatment such as UV, gilding, bumping, etc. to make the paper look more gorgeous. Finally, the machine or manual wrapping paper is put on the carton tube, the edge is rolled, the cover of the negative film is added, and the bottom of the carton is sealed. Such a cylindrical box is ready.

The production process of gift boxes is similar to that of cylindrical boxes. Only gift cartons are processed by beer, slotting and other processes, which are shaped by shaped paperboard to form various gift boxes. Carton is a simple and inexpensive paper packaging. It mainly prints a thick cardboard (usually 250gsm ~ 400gsm thick card paper) directly and does surface treatment. Then the paper bags are produced similarly, mainly using 200 gsm-300 GSM paper cards, printing, surface treatment, and then beer is glued into paper bags.

4. Purchasing a sufficiently large plant

Packaging boxes generally need to take up a lot of space, need enough space to place machines, warehouses also need to have a certain capacity to store goods. Sometimes also need room for staff to build dormitory buildings.

5. Recruiting paper packaging industry engineers, managers, and workers

A skilled engineer can design beautiful packaging boxes and make packaging products samples that satisfy customers. An experienced manager can reasonably arrange production, control the quality of packaging products and improve production efficiency. Moreover, many processes of gift box need handmade, and a certain number of workers need to be recruited.

6. Developing customer agents or salesmen to drive production by business orders

After the factory is established, in order to promote production efficiency and reduce costs, you can recruit salesmen or cooperate with some large packaging and purchasing companies to expand the source of orders.

7. Control production progress, control quality, win customer trust

Packaging orders are customized production in small batches and many batches, which test the management efficiency of managers. You must manage and control the production schedule of each order and arrange the delivery by sea and air on time. And must ensure product quality, quality is the guarantee of customer loyalty.

8. Establishing the Company’s Brand Image

Like individuals, companies must persist in honest management for a long time, quality first, and establish an excellent brand image of the company. If there is a good brand image of the factory, more customers will be willing to cooperate with the factory. In a virtuous circle, factories can achieve sustainable development.

It’s very important to serve customers good and win their satisfaction whether to be a packaging trading company or a packaging printing company. You need to control the quality of each batch of goods well delivered to customers and establish long-term trust with customers. When you open a paper packaging sourcing company or paper packaging box factory, welcome work with us Major custom. We’re China’s native packaging supplier, engaged in paper packaging manufacturing for ten years, willing to cooperate with you and build long terms partnerships.

The way to do a good custom paper packaging business
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