No matter how you look at the appearance of the paper cans, the brightness and viewing angle are all high end, which fits people’s customization requests very well. Paper cans have many advantages over traditional packagings, such as good sealing, freshness, corrosion resistance, anti-counterfeiting, etc. Supplemented by wonderful ink printing, it can interpret and show users’ products. High-quality paper cans make products look noble, and it is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

How to make qualified food grade eco paper cans container

According to the conventional specification, the surface flatness should be within ±1mm. The purpose of this is to ensure the beauty of the food-grade tube packaging. Printing color accuracy is a criterion that can reflect the quality of the round paper food package manufacturers. Round cardboard cans packaging pay attention to giving people a nice and premium feeling. Especially for round food grade paper boxes, tea packaging cylinder tubes, rice noodle paper package cans, milk powder paper containers, etc., we guarantee that the food is intuitively safe, environmentally friendly, and sterile.

paper cans for dry food packaging

There are strict requirements for food packaging materials and production conditions. And our production enterprises must not only meet the relevant requirements stipulated by the state. It is also necessary to ensure that the materials and glue needed for the production of paper tubes and paper cans must meet the requirements of food production.

Aluminum foil for food packaging makes paper cans airtight

The main raw material of food paper cans is paper. The food paper can package integrate metal, paper, and plastic into one body and has a round shape. With the emergence of different needs for food packing paper boxes, different types of paper cans have appeared one after another. The inner wall of the paper tube can is environmentally friendly. The food directly touches the inner wall of the paper can. Therefore, the inner wall of the food paper cans packaging has to be made of aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil divides into ordinary aluminum foil and heat-sealable aluminum foil. The normal aluminum film has no outstanding airtightness. Well, heat-sealed aluminum foil has good airtightness. It’s even no problem to use a tube box that has the heat-sealing aluminum foil inside to fill water. For the caps, usually choose aluminum easy-open lids for the general food paper cans to prevent scratches. This can prevent customers from scratching their hands when eating. And it’s easy for people to tear the aluminum material lid.

Checking paper tube box machine working in production

In the production of food paper cans, paper package manufacturers should pay special attention to hygiene. It is necessary to treat the cardboard jars with sterilization lamps to make the food paper container more hygienic. It’s also suitable for packaging supplies such as tea cans, snack food packaging, milk powder tube box, etc. The high-strength industrial paper tube is not only natural and eco-friendly but also has a cheap price. So paper cylinder tubes are a good choice for food packaging. It integrates paper, film, and iron. It can substitute packaging materials such as glass and ceramics. Composite paper jar box is a new style of packaging box. They are optional containers for deep-fried and crisp food packaging. They have the advantages of superior sealing performance, sanitation, low cost, novelty, and fashion.

The operating conditions of the equipment forming the bottom cover of the paper can affect the overall quality of the paper drum. It should check frequently the operation of the equipment for changes in the dimensions of each part of the bottom cover mold. Because the mold is closing the bottom of the sealing paper barrel, the lock ring and the vertical plane of the mold are prone to deviation. This results in uneven separation of the bottom of the paper barrel, which affects the level of the barrel bottom and the barrel.

Cautious choose plywood for the bottom of paper cans

When the bottom cover of the paper barrel is made of plywood, the thickness of the plywood selected is uneven, and most of the thickness does not meet the national standards. In addition, the bonding strength between the plywood layer and the layer is low. It is easy to separate from the barrel, the size tolerance of the plywood blanking is not controlled. So the size of the plywood should be strictly controlled within the tolerance range and under quality monitoring.

paper cans packaging containers for food

Print great packaging design on the paper box can surface

At present, 100% paper recycled tubes are commonly used in the packaging industry. The packaging as a whole is becoming more beautiful and novel. It has played a great role in the packaging industry. Especially many countries have a custom of giving gifts during festivals. A creative outer packaging design will cause consumers to arouse fierce purchase desire when purchasing. Because the exquisite packaging jar makes the gift giver face, it improves the value of the product invisibly. Therefore, we must have creative and novel designs in the production of food paper cylinder package tubes in the future.

Tips for producing high quality custom food boxes cardboard packaging
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