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Composite paper tubes are made of various paper, food plastic film, food aluminum foil or Tetra Pak packaging materials. Paper packaging factory make the paperboard tube body by high-temperature heating and forming industry. It is equipped with a cylindrical rigid packaging container with a sealable end cap and an outer trademark. Composite paper tube packaging […]

Paper tube food packaging is a healthy and environmentally friendly round paper packaging box. It is mainly made of paper materials. In order to make the round packaging cans have airtightness, its lid and bottom are often made of aluminum or iron sealing lids and sealing bottoms. Food paper cans use special food-grade paper materials. […]

No matter how you look at the appearance of the paper cans, the brightness and viewing angle are all high end, which fits people’s customization requests very well. Paper cans have many advantages over traditional packagings, such as good sealing, freshness, corrosion resistance, anti-counterfeiting, etc. Supplemented by wonderful ink printing, it can interpret and show […]

Food cylinder paper cans are mainly made of food-grade paper. A rigid round cardboard tube is the main packaging body. It covers the inner surface of the paper tube with a layer of food-grade aluminum film or coating material. This way makes the tube paper packaging waterproof and moisture-proof. Sealing with iron or plastic caps […]