Nature made cardboard tube with wooden cap (RB135)

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This is a biodegradable round cardboard tube boxes with wood lid. We custom make the cardboard tubes tucked ends with custom size you need. And not only can print your brand design on tube body, but also can carve print your brand logo on the round wood lid. Our MOQ for this style cardboard tube packaging is 1000 units.

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Many foods in daily life require healthy and convenient packaging can. Paper cans tube with wooden cap are very suitable as packaging boxes for tea, cashew nuts, snacks, and desserts. The printed paper can have a good stable shape to self stand on table. Unlike ordinary plastic bags, the food inside the bag is easy to spill out. Because food bag cannot stand up on the table after eating it at a time, and . The round paper packaging box is composed of paper materials. Paper is natural and healthy and will not have any influence on the taste of food. As a professional paper packaging manufacturer, we can mass produce a variety of food-grade round paper packaging at a very low cost, so that ordinary small foods can also use this cardboard packaging box.

Biodegradable cardboard paper tube with wooden lid

As shown above, we use 800g food-grade cardboard roll paper to make this food cylinder packaging tube with wooden cap. And cover with a layer of food-grade aluminum film on the inner surface of our paper can so that the inner surface of the paper tube can directly contact the food. We can print your various design content or customised company logo and other colours on the surface of the paper can. And do many surface treatments to modify the packaging box. Arouse consumers’ appetite and greatly increase the appeal of food packaging.

The most special thing is that this paper packaging can have a round wooden lid. The advantage of using a wooden lid is that consumers can easily put back the wooden lid after eating part of the food. The wooden lid and the paper can have a certain degree of air-tightness, which can protect the food to a certain extent after opening the bag and can also prevent moisture and maintain quality for a period of time. And we can engrave your unique logo design, company name, etc. on this wooden cover.

If you need to customize similar round wooden lid paper tube packaging for your tea, nuts, biscuits, chocolate, and other foods, please email us. Tell us your specific needs, we can help you design and produce the eco-packaging box you want.

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