Clear window salt paper tube package (RB134)

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This is a food grade tube canister for salt packaging. It has aluminum film inside the tube case to make paper can moisture-proof. And it has custom shaped clear PET window on cardboard tube body. Clients can see inside products from this window without open the paper can cap. MOQ for this style body window tubes is about 3000pcs.

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Table salt is a mass consumer product and is closely related to human life. Nowadays, table salt products have developed from a single iodized table salt to a multi-functional, multi-purpose, multi-spec and multi-variety series. Purchase channels also exist in various forms such as supermarkets, convenience stores, and online stores. People have a lot of choices when buying salt, so salt packaging plays the role of “silent salesman”. Choose a good sea salt packaging to improve the salt packaging containers on our kitchens and tables, so that sea salt products have a beautiful appearance and rich connotations. It not only meets the physical needs of sea salt, but also meets the psychological needs of customers, which can greatly promote the sales of sea salt products. Cylinder sea salt paper tube packaging is a convenient, safe and healthy sea salt packaging.

We know that the most important function of packaging is to protect product quality. Sea salt or smoked salt is more susceptible to moisture, the iodine and iron added in smoked salt are easily oxidized, and the spices in seasoning salt are prone to mildew. Therefore, we cover the inner surface of the salt paper can with a layer of food-grade aluminum film. This layer of aluminum mold has a moisture-proof effect. We use 800gsm food grade white card rolls to make salt paper tube cans. The paper can has good stiffness. People can put the sea salt paper cylinder box on the kitchen utensils, on the dining table or on the camping ground at will, without worrying that the salt in the paper jar will spill out.

Custom Clear Window Cardboard Jars Salt Paper Tube

The most special thing is that we have a transparent window on the side wall of the salt tank. Consumers can see the sea salt products through the transparent PET window without opening the paper can. This enhances consumers’ understanding of the product and helps increase people’s desire to buy. And it can customize the shape of this transparent window on tube. We can open a window in the shape you like according to your design.

Of course, the size of the sea salt paper tank tube can be customized. We can produce the salt paper can cylinder packaging of the size you need according to the capacity you need. According to the size you need, our paper packaging engineer can draw a cylinder box template/dieline for you. You only need to put your design idea on the template, we can make it a reality. Before the production of packaging tubes, we can make a few color samples and send them to you for confirmation. When you confirm the samples ok, we can proceed to mass production.


Different types of food packaging tube: food grade tubing with sifter top; airtight food tube packaging with easy-peel top; airtight food paper tube with penny lever top, food packaging tubes with metal cap

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