The package design is mainly reflected in: Design ability, including keen observation, high memory, and rich imagination. Performance ability, including proficient modeling ability, vivid color matching ability, and a set of formal composition skills and methods. Aesthetic ability, including the experience of life materials, choice and appreciation of art, identification and other aspects of cultivation. […]

child resistant tube packaging

Packaging is one of the most important links in the production and marketing of modern goods. The quality of packaging is directly related to the value of the goods in the market. Packaging not only gives the product a unique personality, but also establishes a perfect visual image for the product; packaging is the self-presentation […]

customized cosmetic packaging boxes

Nowadays, in the economic age of beauty, cosmetics have long become fashionable and daily necessities in people’s daily life. The rapid rise of cosmetics consumption worldwide has brought the cosmetics market into a golden period of development. So the need for cosmetic packaging boxes increasing rapidly also. Currently, cosmetic packaging is classified according to materials, […]

paper cans for dry food packaging

No matter how you look at the appearance of the paper cans, the brightness and viewing angle are all high end, which fits people’s customization requests very well. Paper cans have many advantages over traditional packagings, such as good sealing, freshness, corrosion resistance, anti-counterfeiting, etc. Supplemented by wonderful ink printing, it can interpret and show […]

white black kraft paper tubes spiral

With the development of society, the use of cardboard round box has become wider and wider, and the market demand has also been heating up. It has wide usage in food, cosmetics, electronic products, children’s toys, gifts and other industries. Craft round boxes are round packaging products that integrate metal, paper, and plastic. They are […]

paper food tube packaging types

Paper tube food packaging is a healthy and environmentally friendly round paper packaging box. It is mainly made of paper materials. In order to make the round packaging cans have airtightness, its lid and bottom are often made of aluminum or iron sealing lids and sealing bottoms. Food paper cans use special food-grade paper materials. […]

round paper tube packaging

Every second, an average of 3,400 plastic bottles enter the ocean. These plastic bottles have not been completely decomposed. They become microplastics after experiencing a “circling”, enter the stomachs of birds, fish and many animals, and then enter the terrestrial food chain. In the end, these plastics thrown into the sea will be eaten back […]

wholesale cosmetic containers

Cosmetic box packaging attracts eyeballs and promotes consumption. Innovative and eye-catching packaging can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy and increase sales. According to a report recently released by Markets and Markets, the world’s second-largest market consulting company, the global cosmetic packaging market is expected to grow from US$49.4 billion in 2020 to US$60.9 billion in […]

wholesale cosmetic containers

Nowadays, there are not a few products packaged in cardboard cylinder boxes. In our daily life, we often find food cardboard tube boxes. Can you imagine what it’s like to pack lipstick in cylindrical paper tubes? What kind of sparks will the lipstick and the cylinder paper collide with? Let’s enjoy it-paper lip balm tubes! […]

European countries use the whole process evaluation method for packaging materials. They have a high disposal rate of consumer goods leftovers, and the notion of “no waste, waste is also a resource” is well-known. European people have developed the habit of not throwing things away since they were young. The European Federation has made an […]