Large-scale enterprises have strong funds and strong scientific research capabilities, and they have pioneering effects in many fields. Also in the field of eco-friendly packaging, we can find that paper packaging is always a major development direction of environmental protection packaging through the exploration of large-scale well-known companies. Najiko who pays attention to environmentally friendly […]

food tube packaging with tearable top

Composite paper tubes are made of various paper, food plastic film, food aluminum foil or Tetra Pak packaging materials. Paper packaging factory make the paperboard tube body by high-temperature heating and forming industry. It is equipped with a cylindrical rigid packaging container with a sealable end cap and an outer trademark. Composite paper tube packaging […]

unique tube packaging manufacturer

Packaging is the container and auxiliary for wrapping and protecting products in daily life. From factory to consumers hand, the products can’t separate from the packaging during storage, transportation, and sales. The basic functions of commodity packaging have: Protecting the product. The product needs to go through a series of processes from the factory to […]

1. 50ml Arabic perfume box packaging. This is the classic rolling or crimping edge round cardboard cosmetic packaging box structure for perfume bottles or cream jars which require higher display performance. Long cap with short bottom, give customers more space to show their products to consumers when cap removed. Soft high quality EVA foam inside […]