Round Paper Cannabis Packaging Box (RB87)

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Black paper tube bottle packaging, custom printing clients' private design and custom tube box size fit for glass bottle. MOQ 500pcs ~1000pcs. Colored sample making available before place mass production. We can draw box dieline to assist client designing.


Paper tube packaging boxes are perfect for packaging canned hemp oil products. The paper tube packaging box has a sturdy outer shell, which can prevent impact to a certain extent, and prevent the hemp oil glass bottle from being easily broken. And the paper can packaging box is also round, so you can put round glass bottles in it. Round hemp oil paper tube packaging box is cheaper than ordinary plastic packaging or tin can package. The production order of paper tube packaging boxes is low (MOQ can be as low as 500). It is convenient to customize different packaging boxes for different hemp oil products in small batches and multiple batches. Designing and producing personalized cannabis packaging boxes.

Why people choose round paperboard cannabis packaging

The overall structure of the cannabis oil circular carton box above is an upper cylinder cover and a long bottom body. And the long round paper box as a whole has an upper and lower sleeve structure. The cover of the paper can and the bottom of the paper can are both straight structure. It is convenient for stacking when storing and packing. Hemp oil cylinder box printing design uses a black tone, the cylinder cover and the cylinder side design with an introduction logo. It is intuitive to introduce the products and company brand to consumers. The company website and contact information are printed on the bottom of the box. The overall design is concise, allowing consumers to see key information directly.

Major custom can print high quality round paper packaging boxes similar to this cylinder cannabis packaging. Similar to this pure black face paper, our printing master will be very careful in the printing process. Strictly avoid printing defects such as ink dots, flower holding, and uneven color. When producing carton by hand, the engineer will first carefully guide the production workers to ensure the quality of each product.

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