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Food grade cardboard tube packaging with window for saffron products, it also fit for tea, chocolate, donut, nuts food packing. Customize design printing and custom packaging tube size available. We can make colored round box sample follow your design and ship to you for check first before you place order. Color same time 3~5days and bulk production lead time 10~15days depends on your order quantity.


This saffron packaging tube is a food-grade cylinder box. The cylinder box is mainly composed of a roll paper core. The inner wall is coated with a roll of food-grade aluminum film. The inside of this cylindrical box can directly touch store food. The packaging itself is non-toxic and tasteless and does not cause any impact on solid food. The paper tube cylinder box cover has a transparent PET window. Consumers can directly see the saffron product inside, so they can buy the product with more confidence. There are a series of small paper tube boxes and large paper tube boxes, make it available to sell the products in different types. The design size allows the small box to fit in the large paper tube box. So that we can greatly save almost half the shipping cost for our shipping box.

The food-grade paper can packaging box is made of natural and easily degradable paper materials, which reveals a natural health concept. It is very suitable for packaging plant foods such as saffron and herbs. Food grade paper tube boxes have the advantage of easy carton customization in general cartons. You can conveniently order small batch paper tube packaging boxes of different styles and different printing contents to form a product series. It can reuse food paper tubes multiple times. After eating the saffron inside, consumers can also use paper tubes to hold some snacks. This way the box is always in the consumer’s home, which is a free long-term advertisement for you. Finally, it can recycle to reuse the paper tube can, minimizing environmental impact.

Make your own paper round saffron box

We can design and produce high-quality food-grade cylindrical boxes, which can make the surface of food paper cans flat and the cuts of the boxes even. The aluminum film inside fits perfectly to the inner surface of the round paper gift box without wrinkles and bumps. The top and bottom edges of the paper round carton box we made are also very round and smooth. Making consumers feel very comfortable when picking up the box. With a large Heidelberg printing press, we can perfectly print the color design of your packaging box, making the entire round paper gift round box look very high-grade and of high quality. If you need to customize green packaging for your various green foods, please email us immediately and we’ll provide you excellent purchase experience.

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