Empty food grade cardboard round macaron boxes (RB112)

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This is a typical empty food grade packaging tube with metal lids and bottom. There has aluminum film inside the tube to keep inside food from moisture. People can recycle use this nice eco food packaging tube as paper containers for daily food packaging. Order custom food tube MOQ: 1000pcs.


On the wide variety of food shelves in supermarkets, only those foods that are conspicuous and unique can attract more attention from consumers. A healthy and creative food packaging can give food products an opportunity to compete in the market. Custom food grade round macaron boxes is a good package option for your macaron products. Take the customer’s personal needs as a selling point and use emotional methods to advertise. This can attract many loyal customers and increase sales.

The packaging we showed above is a classic macaron paper can packaging with metal lid. It consists of 800gsm high-strength cardboard tube and 157g facial paper case. We use tinplate cap to seal the custom macaron boxes. The inner wall of the paper tube is covered with aluminum film. So it makes the paper tubes have good airtightness and moisture resistance.

Empty paper round macaron boxes with metal caps

We have printed beautifully colored macaron product pictures on round macaron boxes surface according to the customer’s design. According to different macaron products, we print different types of macaron patterns on the food cylinder container. We use same size food paper cans for different macaron products, but print with different main product images. When these serialized food paper cans are placed together on the food shelf, it strongly attracts consumers’ attention. Consumers are more likely to recognize the strength of food companies and buy this brand of macaron food with more confidence. Each customized product packaging with a brand will allow the company’s brand image to be recognized by customers, thus additionally achieving the purpose of brand promotion.

We are a professional manufacturer of tube packaging boxes, we can provide any kind of such food grade round packaging boxes according to your requirements. If you need to customize similar food paper cans, please contact us and provide detailed information on the demand. We will make every effort to make you nice customized macaron food packaging boxes with tinplate lids. It is particularly worth mentioning that we have a professional packaging design team and proofing department. We can custom produce the food packaging tube according to your special needs.

Learn how to customize round paper food containers, please read How to customize paper tube food packaging


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food grade cardboard tubes with metal cap

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