custom printed cardboard packaging tubes for toothpick (RB101)

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  • cardboard bottle tube packaging for tooth pick
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  • round cardboard tooth pick box

This is a nice paper cylinder tooth pick box and has creative kraft paper shaker tube box design. It consist of kraft outer tube and white inside tube. There has custom shape holes on the inside tube top and outside tube cap. Twist the outside cap, you can close or open the hole to get the toothpick. It can easily assemble the tube box to put the toothpicks inside. Also we can make the toothpick boxes with custom size you need and print your own design on the out box case. MOQ: 1000pcs.

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Toothpicks boxes, restaurants, hotels, homes are often used, its main function is to store toothpick extraction. Our paper cylinder toothpick packaging tubes is a simple and practical toothpick packaging box. As a daily necessity, toothpicks need to be cheap and healthy. This kraft paper shaker tube design is very good for toothpicks, tampon packaging.

Round paper packaging tubes are cheap and do not significantly increase the price of toothpick sets. They are very suitable as toothpick boxes. We use the inner and outer two-layer circular paper tube structure. The outer kraft paper tube highlights the natural environmental protection properties of the toothpick paper box, which is non-toxic, tasteless and very healthy. The inner round tube is a white cardboard tube, which makes the toothpick box very hygienic, and people are very comfortable using toothpicks. People can take out the inner tube when they fit the toothpick, and then assemble it after installing the toothpick.

We design two holes of large and small on the inner tube surface. When people use it, they just need to pour a toothpick from the top. Taking toothpicks is simple, fast, and convenient, and it can ensure that only one toothpick is taken out at a time to avoid waste and contamination caused by exposure of toothpicks that have not been taken out.

How to design my toothpick cardboard packaging tubes with lids

The material of the toothpick cylinder box is paper, so this packaging box has the advantages of convenient printing in general carton packaging. You can design any content you want on the surface of the cylinder.

Before producing samples, our cylinder packaging box engineer can draw the tube box template / dieline to you according to the size of the toothpick cylinder box you need. Your designer only needs to put the design you want on the box template. We will make a colorful toothpick round box sample according to your design file. And send the sample to you to check and confirm. Once the samples have been confirmed, we can produce the bulk of the cylindrical packaging according to the samples. Of course, if there is a shortage of samples, we can improve the sample design according to your needs. Our ultimate goal is to produce your satisfactory round packaging box and send it to your warehouse properly.

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