Custom Brown Color Kraft Tubes Box With Window (RB72)

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Round kraft tube box with window. Box size: custom size. Tube box case: black print on kraft paper case Tube board: rolling kraft paperboard Clear window: white ink screen print logo on transparent PVC or PET window. Assemble: assemble to crimping ends tube box. MOQ: 1000pcs.


Some packaging designers believe that as long as printing the exquisite product patterns on the outer packaging box, it can be attracting consumers to pay for the products by coupled with attractive marketing slogans. However, many consumers do not believe in the printed patterns on the box packaging. People often think that the pattern on the printed boxes has been processed by photoshop. And the product description text is likely to be an exaggerated description. They are more confident in the products they see with their own eyes. They can directly see the shape, color, and freshness of the products inside. In this way, they can judge their favorite degree and make purchasing behavior according to what they see. We know that many products are not allowed to be touched directly before customers finally buy them. At this time, the packaging box designer can design a rounded clear packaging box with window. Consumers can see the products inside without opening the packaging box but from the transparent window. Attract customers to pay by showing them the products directly.

Why people like round shape cardboard tube box with PVC window lid

The cylindrical packaging box with window can make the window on the top tube cap or on side of the tube box body, and paste transparent PVC film or PET film. But the production cost of round gift box with clear window on box lid is much lower than that of window opening on side of the box body. MOQ for top window cylinder box is 1000pcs, but MOQ for body side window cylinder is 5000pcs.

Customers can directly see the exquisite products through the transparent PVC or PET window, and observe the shape, color, and characteristics of the products. Satisfying the customer’s psychological needs of peeping, it also avoids the harm to the fresh products caused by directly touching the products.

The production process of paper cylindrical window gift boxes is much more demanding than that of ordinary cylindrical paper boxes. Major Custom has an experienced team of production engineers. We can produce customized window boxes in batches with high quality. Before you design and make documents, our engineers can draw the dieline to you first. Then you can just press the knife line and add your exquisite and unique design.

It feels natural and healthy to use kraft cardboard as cylinder packing box. You can also print colored design on kraft paper case, just like print on art paper case. It can even white screen print the brand logo on the PVC clear window to make the logo looks outstanding. Also many surface handling like surface finish like spot UV, hot foil stamping, deboss logo or emboss logo can do on kraft paper tubes case. It can also print white logo on transparent PVC windows in different colors logo on transparent windows. This way, customers can see the products inside the logo, and feels great.

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