Double Door Open Round Craft Package (RB91)

  • double door enclosure tube box for cosmetics bottle
  • round double door enclosure bottle packaging box
  • paper double door enclosure box bottle display tubes

This rigid double door open display tube box has 2 pieces half-cylinder tubes board. It has magnetics on the closure and can be easily open and close the 2 pieces door. Inside has a bottom tube box with EVA insert tray, good for firmly hold bottle liquid products. Custom logo design print on tube box case available and can make custom tube box size fit for different kinds of products.


From the structure, we know that this is a display cylindrical carton. It consists of two half-cylinders and has a double-open structure, called paper double door open box tube. There are magnets on the two semi-cylindrical joints, which can also say a magnetic paper cylinder box. When the products inside need to be displayed, it can easily deploy the two semi-cylindrical shells like a rocket launcher. When need storage or packaging, you can close the two half-cylinders, then the entire packaging returns to a cylindrical shape. Inside the cylindrical box is a short round bottom box with a white EVA backing. It can customize the shape and size of the base, and make the cylinder box according to the shape of the cosmetic glass bottle. Cosmetic bottles or glass bottles of essential oils can be firmly fixed in the EVA base. It will not fall out even during transportation.

As with all paper made round boxes, you can custom print your own design files or brand logos onto the cylindrical double door open box. You can even half the logo on the surface of the left half of the cylinder and half of the cylinder on the surface of the right half of the cylinder. When closing the two semicircles, the overall logo closes perfectly. This design is more creative.

Why choose this double door open box

This kind of structure set paper can cylinder packaging box is very suitable for exquisite bottled cosmetics packaging. The convenient closing structure can display the delicate products inside at any time to attract consumers. It strongly stimulates consumers’ purchase desire. Compared to the general lid and bottom tube box style, this 2 pieces double half tube meeting brings a sense of mystery to the product. Consumers seeing the product inside through this box will feel that the product inside is definitely precious.

Compared with the general lid and base style round tube box, this cylindrical double-opened round box has higher requirements on the production process technology. Few round box manufacturers can produce this kind of box. Major Custom specializes in producing various cylindrical packaging boxes. We can efficiently design and produce such difficult round carton packaging. If your product requires this box, please contact us directly.

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