Cylinder paper double door tube jewelry box (RB90)

  • wholesale circle jewelry box double door
  • round double door package tube box
  • cardboard semi open packaging tube box
  • half round double door open tube box

Clamshell shape 2 pieces half tube box packaging, consist of 2 pieces half-round jar box. This tube paper boxes can be open and closed convenient like clamshell, custom logo printing and custom size available. MOQ 3000pcs and the larger order quantity the cheaper.

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This is a mussel shell-shaped paper round box packaging, call paper double door tube packaging. You can easily open the box tube like a clamshell and see the exquisite products inside. The cylindrical carton is composed of two semi-cylinders. The lower cylindrical box has an inner small round box. So that when closing the lid, it can be close and bit more tightly. It makes the cylinder box paper by gold cardboard and printing with green patterns. The round packaging box looks classic and luxurious.

This paper cylindrical box is very suitable for packaging high-end glasses or jewelry necklaces. In order to install the product more stable, you can add a velvet EVA inner support or a flannel sponge inner support. It covers a layer of flannel inner support, which looks more luxurious and high-end. Since the main material is paper, the paper packaging box is very lightweight and easy to carry. Moreover, the entire packaging box is cylindrical and has no edges and corners. After purchase, the customer can conveniently put it in the bag or put it in the pants pocket.

How to bespoke paper double door tube

If you need to customize a similar natural and environmentally friendly paper cylindrical packaging box, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly by email. Tell us the inner or outer dimensions of the double door tube box you need. We can draw the knife line of the box for you to help you design the box file. Then you send us the design documents, and we will produce several color samples according to the documents and send them to you. After you satisfy with the samples (if you satisfy, we can modify them), we can produce paper packaging boxes according to the samples. And assist you to transport the packing box by air or sea to your warehouse. Our goal is to obtain customer satisfaction, and long-term cooperation with customers, small profits but quick turnover.

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