1. Protect the product’s luster, fragrance and shape to extend shelf life.

It is very important that the candy and chocolate maintain their proper appearance for a certain period of time. For example, fruit candy should have good transparency and corresponding fruit aroma. The chocolate surface should have good brightness and cocoa fragrance. These qualities are very good. It depends largely on the form of packaging, the material of the packaging and the effectiveness of the packaging.

Chocolate products are a heat-sensitive food and a high-fat product. Therefore, when the indoor temperature exceeds 25 ° C and reaches 30 ° C, the product begins to soften. This phenomenon is that some low-melting fat contained in the chocolate begins to melt, and the melted fat migrates to the surface of the chocolate. The transferred fat not only changes the chocolate. Soft and tarnished the surface, which will seriously whiten the surface of the product; in addition, in the humid environment, the sugar contained in the chocolate will also absorb moisture and deliquesce, and the deliquescent sugar will cause the product to be emitted.

Therefore, the primary role of packaging is to help the candy, chocolate products moisture, heat insulation.

The packaging materials and forms suitable for the product help the product maintain its proper flavor and shape in a hot and humid environment, prevent oxidation of the grease, and thus extend the shelf life of the product.

2. Prevent microbial and dust pollution and improve product hygiene and safety.

Chocolate products are high-protein foods, and it is especially important to prevent microbial contamination of nut butter sandwiches or brownies, because the nutrients in protein and chocolate are excellent microbial culture media. If these products are contaminated by bacteria, they are stored. In the process, the speed of product worming and deterioration will be accelerated, and the value of the commodity will be lost. Therefore, strict packaging can avoid microbial contamination and ensure product hygiene and safety.

3, Exquisite product packaging can increase consumer desire and commodity value.

Commodity quality, price, and packaging are the three main factors in the competition of market commodities. In the road to the market, packaging design is an important one. Because the packaging design is different from the product, it will give people a strong visual effect on the shelf. Generally, when shopping, in addition to the target purchase, there will always be impulse shopping, that is, the new products that are beautifully packaged, especially the food. There is a desire to make you not to buy, which fully demonstrates that the beautiful packaging plays a role in attracting customers. Therefore, good food must have three main factors to enhance the value of the commodity.

It can be seen from the above points that packaging plays an important role in the quality, hygiene and longevity of confectionery and chocolate products. Good products must have exquisite and beautiful packaging.

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